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Chapter 249. – The Infant's question about today's catch. The fish-loving Child's response to Joseph's reprimand: "I am at home wherever I am loved!" The big catch at the Infant's behest.

249,1. When after about three hours, Jonathan returned with his catch of gold and silver, everybody was already up and looked at the still burning city.

249,2. Only the Infant and James ran towards Joseph and Jonathan as they were approaching the shore.

249,3. And as they stepped ashore, He greeted and kissed both of them and asked Jonathan whether he had already made a good catch of fish.

249,4. And, while embracing the Infant most lovingly, he spoke:

249,5. "O You my life and my love! – The fishing was quite a different matter today!

249,6. But with Your almighty help, I have rescued a stranded Roman ship, which carried an envoy to Cyrenius.

249,7. A lot of gold and silver fish fell into my net there and I stopped the fishing for today."

249,8. And the Infant spoke: "That is all very well;

249,9. but as I was looking forward to some fresh fish today, I would have appreciated it much more if you had brought real fish instead of your gold and silver fish!"

249,10. But Jonathan spoke: "O You my life, look, suspended along the shore there are a lot of cisterns full of the best fish, so we will get some very fresh fish from there!"

249,11. And the Infant smiled and spoke: "Yes, if it is like that, then you may keep your gold and silver fish from today!

249,12. But I am already quite hungry; will it take a long time until a fish can be prepared?"

249,13. And Jonathan spoke: "O no, You my life, in half an hour we will sit at the table!"

249,14. But Joseph said to the Infant: " You are really a little beggar!

249,15. Look, we are not at home here, therefore we should not act as if we were at home!

249,16. So be patient, something to eat will emerge, but begging for it is inappropriate in a strange house!"

249,17. But the Infant spoke: "So what! – I am at home wherever I am loved.

249,18. So wherever I am at home, I can do and speak as I like.

249,19. Yet Jonathan should not empty his cisterns without reward,

249,20. so let him throw out a net into the sea and he will promptly make a big catch for us! – Jonathan, do it!"

249,21. And Jonathan immediately threw a big net into the sea and caught an unbelievable amount of the best fish.

249,22. Then the Infant said to Joseph: "Look, if this is within My power, I should be able to ask Jonathan for some good fish, shouldn't I?" – At this moment Joseph became silent and Jonathan could not help himself out of sheer gratitude.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-249 Chapter