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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-250 Chapter

Chapter 250. – Joseph returns home with Jonathan. The house is found empty and ransacked. Joseph gets very angry about this. A memorable statement by the Infant.

250,1. And Jonathan now took ten of the best fish and handed them over to his cook for immediate preparation.

250,2. Then he helped his assistants with putting the fish partly in casks and partly in the smokehouse.

250,3. Within a quarter of an hour, the fish was prepared and all of Joseph's relatives went for the morning meal.

250,4. When they had finished the meal, it was almost noon already, and Joseph spoke:

250,5. "But now it is time for us to go home!

250,6. And you, brother Jonathan shall accompany me and stay with me today!"

250,7. And Jonathan spoke, his heart full of joy:

250,8. "O brother! – That is what I like to do most; for you know my infinite and boundless love for you!"

250,9. Then Jonathan again took three large casks of the best fish and went, together with Joseph and his family, in a most cheerful mood to the villa.

250,10. On arrival, they were astonished to find none of the people who had lost their houses in the fire,

250,11. and the house was totally empty and all the rooms were left open.

250,12. While looking at his house, Joseph said: "That is not a good sign;

250,13. for this is the work of thieves! – Only they are the sort that escapes after robbing a house, while the honest man stays!

250,14. Please, my sons, go inside and check whether there is anything left in the house and then come and tell me!"

250,15. And the four sons went and examined the house and found it completely looted except for the cattle in the stable.

250,16. The pantry was also empty and there was not a penny in the money box.

250,17. When the four sons saw all this, they became very sad and went back and told Joseph everything.

250,18. Upon hearing this, Joseph became very angry about the wickedness of men, repaying their beneficiaries with such gratitude!

250,19. And he spoke full of wrath: "Truly, if it would be in my power to punish such disgraceful people, I would have had fire rain from heaven on the head of such thieves!"

250,20. At this moment the Infant went to Joseph and spoke: "Look – father Joseph, you are in a bad mood today!

250,21. The thieves have still left Me to you; how could you be so angry with them?

250,22. Look, the thieves have actually done a great service to your house by cleaning it so thoroughly!

250,23. For truly, wherever a house (the heart of man) is not going to be cleaned like that in the future, I will not move in!

250,24. This house is cleaned now from all the impurities of the world and it pleases Me well!

250,25. For in the first place, it is open in all its rooms and drawers,

250,26. and secondly, it is completely purified and therefore quite suited for Me to move in! – Therefore do not be angry at the thieves, so that their sins may not become greater!"

250,27. Joseph and all the others took these words to heart, – and the little Child finally said:

250,28. "Look, I am treated by all men just like these fire victims have treated your house, and yet I will not let fire rain from heaven!

250,29. So do not curse those who do evil for good and you shall be the true children of the one Father in heaven!" – With these words, Joseph calmed down completely and he happily went back into his house.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-250 Chapter