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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-251 Chapter

Chapter 251. – Mary cries about the theft of all her clothes including all the table and bed linen. Jonathan's consolation and noble gesture. O mother, accept it from my heart and from my hand!" The Infant blesses Jonathan.

251,1. When they had all entered the house and Mary found out that even her and Eudokia's wardrobe had been completely looted,

251,2. her eyes filled with tears, and so did Eudokia's, and she spoke to Joseph:

251,3. "Look at that, even the dress I was wearing in the temple has been taken by these wicked people!

251,4. Truly, this hits me really hard and causes pain in my heart!

251,5. We only have the absolute minimum of clothes anyhow and yet we have to lose even these most essential ones!

251,6. Everything may be offered to the Lord, but yet is it is painful for me, because it was the only dress I had for a necessary change of clothes!

251,7. Now I only have this worn, common dress and not a penny to buy myself something to change!

251,8. Truly, this is very painful! But still more painful is that these wicked thieves have even stolen the clothes of the little Child!

251,9. Now He only has the shirt He wears on his body; how will I be able to buy Him a second one?

251,10. O You my poor child, look, look, now I cannot dress You anymore in a fresh shirt everyday, which You liked so much!"

251,11. At this moment Jonathan came to them, deeply moved, and he spoke: "O you most noble and holy mother of my Lord! – Do not grieve; for I have gold and silver now!

251,12. I will give it all to you with the greatest joy, and you may use it according to your needs!

251,13. I do know very well, that the Lord of all splendours and glories does not need my gold and silver; but He, who dresses all animals and trees and the whole world so magnificently, will not allow His mother's body to be unclothed!

251,14. But just the same, for the sake of my soul's happiness, I would like to offer you all my treasures!

251,15. O mother, please accept it from my heart and from my hand!"

251,16. Mary looked at Jonathan in a most friendly manner and spoke:

251,17. "O Jonathan, how great and noble you are! – For me, your will counts as the act!

251,18. And if it pleases the Lord, then I would like to ask you for some support for the little Child.

251,19. But should it not please the Lord, then I have already received all from your heart and will never cease to be grateful to you for that!" Now the Infant joined them and spoke to Jonathan: "Dear Jonathan, do what the mother asks of you and you should be greatly rewarded in the future!

251,21. For look, we are really poor now and that even more so, because for the sake of mankind I must not perform miracles anymore!"

251,22. Thereupon Jonathan ran back to his house full of joy and brought all his gold and silver and laid it at Mary's feet.

251,23. When Mary and Joseph saw this, they both wept from joy.

251,24. But Jonathan wept with them and could not be thankful enough to God, that he was worthy of such grace from the Lord in coming to Mary's aid.

251,25. And the Infant blessed Jonathan and spoke to Mary: "Look, that will provide us with a fresh shirt; therefore be cheerful again!" – And all became cheerful and happy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-251 Chapter