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Chapter 252. – The blessing of the Lord in the house of Joseph. The family's amazement and gratitude. James talks about the miracle of the wheat grain.

252,1. During this talk, Joseph's sons took care of the cattle, milked the cows and the goats and obtained an unusual amount of the fattest milk.

252,2. When they had finished with that, two of them went to a field with already fully ripened wheat, cut several sheaves and rubbed them until they soon had a big basket full of the purest wheat.

252,3. And the two other brothers took the basket with the pure wheat, brought these to the two hand mills which Joseph himself had made and ground up the grain within a short time.

252,4. And through the blessing of the Lord, they obtained twice as much flour as there had been grain in the basket before.

252,5. And all this work was finished in three hours. And when the flour stood there in the sun in two baskets,

252,6. Joseph came out and asked the sons from where they had taken this wonderful flour.

252,7. And when the sons told him how they had obtained this flour, he looked at the rubbed sheaves and spoke:

252,8. "How is this possible? – I only see ten sheaves! Should the two big baskets of flour have been filled up with these?"

252,9. And the sons spoke: "Yes father, so it is! Through the grace of God we have obtained this flour within a very short time out of the ten sheaves;

252,10. and God's blessings were upon the sheaves and upon us, – hence this abundant yield!"

252,11. And with his heart utterly moved, Joseph thanked God, and went inside the house again to tell it to everyone.

252,12. And everybody went outside and looked at the flour and they all said:

252,13. "This is impossible, completely impossible by natural means!"

252,14. On an inner impulse, James picked up one of the wheat grains lying on the ground and spoke:

252,15. "This is astonishing for all of you, that so much flour came out of ten sheaves!

252,16. But who of us was has ever been surprised when after sowing a small grain into the earth we saw an ear of corn with a hundred grains arising out of that one grain?

252,17. And yet this everyday wonder is much greater than this double increase in flour, because it increases one grain a hundred times!

252,18. If the ten sheaves would have given only one basket of flour, no one would have been surprised about that although one basket is as good a miraculous gift from God as two baskets.

252,19. Nobody is surprised also about an ear of corn with a hundred grains because one is already used to this miracle.

252,20. But I ask you, is it right, to admire God only when He does something extraordinary although the ordered, ordinary occurrence is of a far greater significance, because it bears witness to the same infinite grace, omnipotence, love and wisdom of God all the time?"

252,21. This speech of James caused quite a stir. And everybody praised the Lord that He had given such wisdom to men. – Then the sons took the flour and started to prepare a good lunch.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-252 Chapter