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Chapter 253. – The lunch of fish and honey bread. The wilful theft of the household equipment and the little bowl of the Infant. The relentlessness of the little Child against those with malicious intent.

253,1. Within an hour, a good lunch was prepared consisting of five well cooked fish and fourteen honey breads;

253,2. for the honey was the only thing in the pantry left by the thieves.

253,3. A good drink had also been served on the table which Joseph and Mary had prepared themselves with water and lemon juice added with a little honey.

253,4. It was only when the meal was ready and on the table, that Joseph's sons thought about the cutlery, such as spoons, forks and knives, which, in Joseph's house, were generally made of wood.

253,5. But even these things of low value had not been spared by the thieves!

253,6. And so Joseph had food on the table but not even the most basic cutlery.

253,7. Here Joseph went into the kitchen and asked the sons what sort of table setting this was;

253,8. how one can put food on the table without cutlery!

253,9. But the sons spoke: "Father, look, one grill and two pots and a single, miserable cooking spoon, one knife and one wooden fork is what they have left us with, –

253,10. everything else has been taken away from us; therefore we also have to put the milk in one single milk container, because all the milk pots are gone!"

253,11. When Joseph had seen all this, he went with the only spoon and the only knife and fork into the dining room and spoke to Jonathan:

253,12. "There – brother! – See, this is all the cutlery that is left! – Truly, this is wantonness and it should be punished!

253,13. I can put up with a theft of valuable things and a theft out of dire need!

253,14. But neither is applicable in this theft;

253,15. instead, this is pure wantonness and this should be punished by the Lord!"

253,16. After this reasoning, all sat down at the table and Joseph divided the fish with the one knife and used the one fork to place a portion on each plate and divided the honey bread in the same way.

253,17. But when the Infant did not have His little bowl in front of him, He asked Joseph whether it was stolen as well.

253,18. And Mary spoke: "Surely, my beloved son of God, for otherwise it would be in front of You!"

253,19. And the Infant spoke: "Truly, Joseph is right; that was wantonness and it shall be punished forever and eternally!

253,20. Whoever does evil and does not know it shall be taught, and so shall he who does so when in need!

253,21. But whoever knows what is good but still does evil out of sheer satanic wantonness, is a devil from the foundation of hell and has to be punished with fire!"

253,22. Thereupon each ate his portion with his bare hands.

253,23. But when they had hardly finished their meal, one could hear a terrible howling from outside.

253,24. What was it? – It was the thieves, who had wantonly stolen Joseph's household equipment in order to destroy it.

253,25. Each one them was coiled around a glowing serpent and cried out for help; but the Infant did not lend his ear to them, and drove them into the sea by His almighty power, where they all perished. – This was the only time that the Infant had shown Himself unrelenting.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-253 Chapter