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Chapter 254. – The howling clothes thieves in front of Joseph's door. The serious speech of the Infant to the thieves. The return of the clothes.

254,1. After a short time one could hear a howling from a distance again as if it came from the city and a huge crowd of people could be seen moving towards Joseph's villa.

254,2. "What is it now?" Joseph asked the astonished Jonathan.

254,3. And he replied: "Brother! Like everything else, the Lord will surely know this much better then we do!"

254,4. And James said to both of them: "Do not worry, for these are the clothes-thieves!

254,5. The Lord's power has caught up with them; they are now paying for their desecration against the holy clothes;

254,6. for he who will wear or touch them will be seized by an inner fire and turned to ashes.

254,7. Therefore they now run about howling and moaning and will beg us to take these clothes ourselves out of their half-burned houses in the city, –

254,8. which we want to do indeed; but the Lord will take care of these evil-doers first!"

254,9. When James had just spoken these words, the howling clothes-thieves were already in front of Joseph's door.

254,10. And they cried for help and for rescue. And Joseph went outside with Jonathan.

254,11. When he came outside, thirty despairing men were crying out to him:

254,12. "Almighty God Jupiter, help us and rescue us, for we have committed an outrage against you since we did not recognise you!

254,13. But now we have recognised you; we therefore beg you, kill us or take the clothes that belong to your house out of our houses!"

254,14. At this moment the Infant came outside and spoke: "Listen, you wicked thieves!

254,15. As you have taken the clothes, you also bring them back here again!

254,16. If you don't, death shall be your lot!"

254,17. When the thieves heard this, they said:

254,18. "That is the young God, we must follow Him otherwise we are lost!"

254,19. And all of them suddenly ran away and brought back all the stolen clothes on iron rods.

254,20. For no one could to touch these clothes with their bare hands.

254,21. When the clothes had been returned, the Infant dismissed the thieves and did not punish them any further. – And Joseph happily took the clothes back and carried them inside the house.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-254 Chapter