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Chapter 255. – Mary's inner nobility and beauty. Her pity for the thieves. To be good to your enemies and bless them is pure godliness. "Because you (Mary) have acted like God does, you are so beautiful now. For God is the highest beauty, since He is the highest love!"

255,1. When Mary saw her clothes again, she became quite happy, yet she felt pity for those who had brought them back.

255,2. For she thought by herself: 'Surely these people have not received anything from the gold, and therefore took these poor clothes in their desperation.

255,3. Now they will probably suffer greatly.

255,4. O if they were still here, I would happily give them the clothes or at least enough money to buy some clothes for themselves!‘

255,5. At this moment the Infant came to His mother and spoke:

255,6. "But mother, – you are so beautiful today! – If you knew how beautiful you were, you would become vain right away!"

255,7. Mary smiled and said to the Little one, who caressed her:

255,8. "O my dearest Jesus! – Am I not beautiful everyday?"

255,9. And the Infant spoke: "O yes, you are very beautiful, but sometimes even more so.

255,10. And tonight you are especially beautiful! – Truly, you are now surrounded by a thousand archangels and each one wants to be next to you!"

255,11. But Mary did not understand the words of the Infant and kept on looking around to see whether any archangels were to be seen.

255,12. But she only saw what was inside her room and therefore asked the Infant:

255,13. " Well then, where are those thousand archangels, since I am not able to see even one?"

255,14. Here the Infant said: "You are not allowed to see one, otherwise you would become vain!

255,15. But you are so beautiful before all the archangels of the heavens, because so much mercifulness has arisen within your heart, almost equal to Mine!

255,16. For look, to bring your enemies to a just and humane penance is right and agreeable to God, and so it should be on the earth;

255,17. but to forgive your enemies for their sins with all your heart and then even to do good to them and bless them, - see, that is purely divine!

255,18. That creates the infinite power of divine love;

255,19. for human love is too weak for that!

255,20. And because you have acted in the same way as God does, you are so beautiful! – For God is the highest beauty, since He is the highest love!" –

255,21. But go now and do what your heart desires, and My kingdom of love shall be yours and you shall forever be the queen therein!"

255,22. Here Mary immediately sent Jonathan after the thieves. When he had brought them back, Mary showered upon them the money that Jonathan had given to her and to Joseph.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-255 Chapter