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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-256 Chapter

Chapter 256. – The power of love. Joseph's house becomes known. Joseph's wisdom embarrasses the famous and rich people of the city. The positive aftermath.

256,1. But this divine gift made the thieves fall on their faces and they cried out:

256,2. "Such kindness, such generosity, it does not exist anymore among men; only the immortal gods can reward their enemies still!

256,3. We deserve only punishment here for committing a great sin against you high gods!

256,4. Yet instead of giving us our well-deserved punishment, you pay us and bless us for our wicked deeds!

256,5. Are you not gods therefore? – Yes, you are certainly the highest lords of the heavens; for this is shown by your actions, never witnessed before by men like us! –

256,6. Therefore honour, praise and glory to you from all men on earth!

256,7. And the thrones of the princes of the earth and all her crowns shall bow down forever in front of your great glory!"–

256,8. At this moment the thieves rose to their feet and went away full of awe and gratitude –

256,9. and then made it known in the whole city; and all the residents were shaking due to such closeness of the gods and went furtively about and did not dare to work from sheer awe.

256,10. But soon the prominent citizens of the city came to see Joseph and asked him if it was really true what the mob in the half-burnt down city was shouting about.

256,11. And Joseph spoke: "Concerning the good deed done for them, their shouting is appropriate,

256,12. for my wife has indeed treated them so!

256,13. But that they consider us gods, is a bad testimony for you - you famous and rich people;

256,14. for through that, the mob reveals your great hardheartedness, because it does not see anything godlike in you!

256,15. Do as my wife has done, and what my whole house is doing and the mob will soon stop considering the occupants of my house as gods!"

256,16. When the famous and rich citizens of the city heard Joseph's speech, they were shocked and embarrassed and went away.

256,17. And they were convinced that Joseph was merely a good and wise man, but certainly no god.

256,18. From then onwards, Joseph's house was left in peace.

256,19. And his family still lived there undisturbed for another half year and was respected and esteemed by everyone.

256,20. The Infant also did not perform any miracles during this time and everything went its natural way. But Jonathan spent more time with Joseph than at home; for here he felt most blessed in his soul. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-256 Chapter