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Chapter 257. – Herod's death; his son Archelaus succeeds him in the government. – The angel of the Lord orders Joseph to return to Israel. – The wonderful preparation for the journey. – Joseph hands over everything to Jonathan and asks him to come after him. – The farewell.

257,1. Around that time, Herod, the murderer of the innocents, died and his son Archelaus succeeded him to the throne.

257,2. During this time, James told this to Joseph and Mary.

257,3. But Joseph spoke to James: "I quite believe you, but what difference should it make for me?"

257,4. And James spoke: "Father! – The Lord has not told me about that!

257,5. But as the Lord always spoke to you through the mouth of an angel about what you must do, so He will do it also now.

257,6. For it would not be according to the divine order, if a son would tell his father what he has to do!"

257,7. Joseph spoke: "Do you really think that the Lord will does this with me?"

257,8. And James spoke: "Father! – I have heard it within me now:

257,9. 'Tonight itself, I will send you My angel in a lucid dream, who will announce My will to you!

257,10. And when he will announce it to you, you shall act immediately according to his words!‘

257,11. When Joseph had heard such from James, he went outside and prayed to God and thanked Him for such a premonition through the mouth of his son.

257,12. Joseph prayed for a long time and only after three hours did he go back into his house and take rest.

257,13. But as he was sleeping on his bed, giving his tired limbs a rest from work, an angel of the Lord appeared in his dream and spoke to him:

257,14. "Get up, take the little Child and His mother and go to the land of Israel; for those who wanted to kill the Child are dead!"

257,15. When Joseph had heard this, he quickly got up and told it to Mary.

257,16. And she spoke: "Let the Lord's will be done, always and forever!

257,17. But are you only talking of the three of us? Should your children remain here then?"

257,18. And Joseph spoke: "O no; for what the angel has said to me applies to my whole house!

257,19. The Lord often spoke to the prophets in this way, as if He was dealing only with them;

257,20. but the speech of the Lord was always meant for the whole house of Jacob."

257,21. This speech was understood by all and the sons went outside in order to prepare everything for the departure.

257,22. But they came back astonished, because everything was already prepared for the departure and for each person there was a donkey, fully packed with all the essential needs for the journey.

257,23. Joseph handed over all the remaining items to Jonathan, who had spent the night here, blessed him and told him to follow him to Nazareth in a year's time.

257,24. And the Infant also blessed and kissed him. Jonathan wept at this sudden departure.

257,25. And before sunrise, Joseph mounted the donkeys and headed inland. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-257 Chapter