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Chapter 258. – The Holy Family reaches their native country after an arduous journey. Joseph's fear and Mary's encouragement. The Lord's order to move to Nazareth. Arrival in Nazareth.

258,1. After ten arduous days of travel, Joseph arrived happily in Israel with his family and rested on a mountain with some people, who earned their livelihood there by raising cattle.

258,2. Here Joseph made detailed inquiries about the situation in his native country.

258,3. But as he heard from the people there, that Archelaus, a son of Herod, now reigned after succeeding his father,

258,4. and that he appeared to be even more cruel than his predecessor, Joseph and his family became very scared.

258,5. And he thought about turning back and moving to Egypt again, or instead, to Tyre.

258,6. For although, while in Egypt, he had heard through James that Archelaus now reigned in Jerusalem,

258,7. he had not heard that this king exceeded his father in cruelty.

258,8. And this new information made Joseph so fearful, that he wanted to turn back at once.

258,9. But Mary spoke to him and said:

258,10. "Joseph, the Lord has given us the order to move, then why do we fear the human king Archelaus more than the Lord?"

258,11. And Joseph replied: "O Mary, my beloved wife, your question is right;

258,12. but look, I know that the ways of the Lord are incomprehensible and I know that the Lord often leads his people through death, right from the time of Abel.

258,13. Therefore, I fear now that the Lord will lead me also through death!

258,14. And the more I think about the cruelties of the new king in Jerusalem, the greater my suspicion.

258,15. Therefore I have now decided to turn back early tomorrow morning.

258,16. Truly, if the Lord wants to send us to our deaths, He should rather send lions, tigers and hyenas than this Archelaus!"

258,17. So Joseph firmly decided to turn back.

258,18. But during the night, the Lord's Spirit Himself came to Joseph in a lucid dream.

258,19. And Joseph received the order from God Himself to move to Nazareth.

258,20. Thereupon Joseph quickly got up and went very early.

258,21. And on the same day, he arrived in the villages of Galilee.

258,22. And still on the same day, he reached the city of Nazareth and took up permanent residence there, so that prophet's words would be fulfilled: "He shall be called a Nazarene!" -

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-258 Chapter