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Chapter 259. – A delightful evening scene on Salome's roof. Cornelius discovers the small caravan.

259,1. But where in Nazareth was Joseph's accommodation? – Where did he dismount, and where did he enter?

259,2. In the early chapters, when there was talk about Joseph's departure from Bethlehem to Egypt, it has been said that Joseph had requested the wealthy Salome in Bethlehem to lease his farmstead near Nazareth for him.

259,3. Had Salome done that? – Yes – she not only did what Joseph had asked, but she had bought the farmstead for herself with this double intent:

259,4. So that in case Joseph or one of his children would ever return, this farm could be handed over to him as his full property;

259,5. otherwise she would keep this farm, so sacred to her, for herself, in memory of this most noble family.

259,6. She regarded this farm as such a sacred place, that she did not dare to live there, even less put tenants in it.

259,7. But in order to be able to live close to this property, she bought a plot in the neighbourhood and built a nice little house on it, and lived there with her servants, and was visited once in a while by Cornelius.

259,8. And it so happened that Cornelius visited Salome on his way back from some duties, when Joseph returned to Nazareth again.

259,9. It was a lovely evening, the moon was full and not a star in the sky was dimmed by a cloud.

259,10. This beautiful evening, Salome went with Cornelius to the roof of her house, which was quite close to the main street and faced Joseph's farm to the east, at a distance of around seventy fathoms.

259,11. Both of them looked often in the direction of the former house of the noble family and Cornelius spoke, as many times before, to Salome:

259,12. "I can still see the apparition in Bethlehem vividly before me, like in a beautiful and exalted dream, and this farm reminds me of it all the time.

259,13. But the apparition in Bethlehem was of such a sublime beauty, that it becomes more of a mystery to me, the more I think about it!"

259,14. And Salome answered: " Yes - friend Cornelius! – I can also not grasp it, how I could have stayed alive at the magnificence of that occurrence!

259,15. But that is the difference between you and me, that I cannot help myself, as you know, and must pray to the Child in my heart all the time;

259,16. while you perceive the whole incident more as a sublime story.

259,17. And so I had this image in my mind: if this family would ever come back here, I could not live for happiness!

259,18. If they would live over there at the farm – o God! – What a feeling would it be for me!

259,19. Truly, all the heavens would be joined together on this roof!"

259,20. And Cornelius spoke: "Yes, you are right, that would be a most sublime event for me as well!

259,21. But what would we do, in case this most sublime family of gods would pass by here and we would recognize them from a distance?"

259,22. And Salome spoke: "O friend! – Do not speak about that, – that would kill me out of sheer bliss!"

259,23. When the two had their talk on the roof in a manner pleasing to God, and it had become quite late,

259,24. Cornelius suddenly noticed something that appeared like a little caravan, at a distance of about two hundred fathoms and said to Salome:

259,25. "Look there, some people wandering late at night! – Are they Jews or Greeks?

259,26. Salome, what would you do now if it was the most sublime family?"

259,27. And Salome became really frightened now and spoke: "But please, do not always talk about it and do not always awaken new wishes in me that cannot be fulfilled!

259,28. What would you do then on such a blissful occasion?"

259,29. Truly, I would also fare badly! – But look, the caravan has halted and I see a man hurrying straight towards us! – Come, let us see who it is!?"

259,30. And both of them went to meet the man. And the man was a son of Joseph, who came with a jar to get some water from the house.

259,31. But the two did not recognize him; for it was the will of the Lord, for the sake of their well-being.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-259 Chapter