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Chapter 260. – Joel as messenger inquires about the distance to their home town. Joseph wants to sleep in the open with his family. Joseph's sons meet Salome during their search for wood and fire.

260,1. When Joel had drawn the water, he asked both of them how far it still was to Nazareth.

260,2. And Cornelius spoke: "My friend, just look over there, and you will already see the walls of the city!

260,3. A child will easily reach them in a quarter of an hour and as such you are already almost in Nazareth itself."

260,4. Joel thanked them for this information and carried his water back to his group.

260,5. When he arrived there, Joseph asked him what kind of information he received at the little house.

260,6. And Joel spoke: "A woman and a man approached me very warmly, gave me water and told me that this is Nazareth already!

260,7. And I thought, if this is the city then we are not far any more from our farm either."

260,8. And Joseph spoke: "My dear son, you are absolutely right;

260,9. but do you also know to whom it belongs now after three years?

260,10. Can we move into our former house?

260,11. Look, we therefore have to sleep in the open again and then we shall see tomorrow where we can find a permanent place to live!

260,12. But go now with your brothers and get some wood and fire from somewhere!

260,13. For it is a bit cool here on the hill of this mountain valley; therefore we must make a small fire to warm ourselves a bit!"

260,14. Thereupon the four sons went to the same little house and found the two still there.

260,15. And they told Salome about their needs and asked for some wood and fire.

260,16. Now Salome and Cornelius inquired about the whole gathering, who they were and whether they could be trusted.

260,17. And the sons spoke: "We are coming from Egypt and are the most honest people in the world!

260,18. And we intend to buy some property here in Nazareth;

260,19. for while we are basically Nazarenes ourselves, a certain necessity forced us into exile in Egypt for three years.

260,20. But since our exile has been resolved now, we are back again to find us a new place to live."

260,21. After Salome and Cornelius had listened to the four, they promptly gave them sufficient wood and fire and the sons carried it back to Joseph.

260,22. Joseph immediately prepared a fire with the wood and all warmed themselves by it. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-260 Chapter