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Chapter 261. – The suspicions of Salome and Cornelius about the small caravan. Salome and Cornelius have a look at the gathering and recognize the Holy Family.

261,1. Now Salome and Cornelius were wondering a lot about these people from Egypt and who they could be.

261,2. Cornelius spoke: "In my view, these four men, who appear to be quite young, closely resemble the sons of that wonderful man we both dealt with in Bethlehem.

261,3. And their language also had a typical Nazarene tone to it.

261,4. You – my most respected friend! – This remarkable man, called Joseph, most probably had emigrated to Egypt, as I have read in the letter from my brother in Tyre.

261,5. How – if this were the same Joseph?

261,6. Should we not go to these people and have a look at them? And if it would be so,

261,7. should we not do our utmost to feed these noble people immediately and give them the best of care?"

261,8. When Salome had heard this, she almost fainted with bliss and spoke:

261,9. "Oh friend! – You are surely right, it will be like this; this is the Holy Family for sure!

261,10. Therefore let me wake up my servants and let them come with us to the resting place of the Holy Family!"

261,11. Thereupon Salome went and woke up all her servants.

261,12. And within half an hour all in Salome's house were on their feet.

261,13. When everything was ready, Cornelius said to Salome:

261,14. "Now let us go and see who this family is!"

261,15. Then Salome called everybody in the house together and the whole group went to the place where Joseph rested around a low fire.

261,16. When they arrived there, Cornelius said to Salome:

261,17. "Look there! There next to the fire, – is that not young Mary, Joseph's wife, with her child?

261,18. And that old man, – say, is that not Joseph, that wonderful man, whom we came to know in Bethlehem?"

261,19. Salome opened her eyes wide, stared at them and slowly recognized the group that Cornelius had pointed out to her.

261,20. Now Salome was beside herself; she sank down and fainted and Cornelius had to bring his companion on her feet again.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-261 Chapter