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Chapter 262. – Cornelius and Salome welcome the Holy Family. The tired travellers take up residence in their old home.

262,1. When Salome had recovered from her fainting fit, she said to Cornelius: "O friend, that is too much for a frail human being!

262,2. Give me a little time to recover and then I will go there and tell this Holy Family that I have maintained their farmstead!"

262,3. Cornelius said: "You know what, I have a better idea since you feel too weak; let me go over there on your behalf and I will give the good news to the family about what you have done for them!

262,4. For look, there is not much time to lose! They will be very tired and need a good place to rest as soon as possible; therefore I will go there in your place."

262,5. When Salome heard this from Cornelius, she spoke:

262,6. "O friend! You are right, but I have pulled myself together now and I want to come along with you."

262,7. After this resolve, both of them went over to the family.

262,8. And Cornelius began to speak: "God, the Lord of Israel is with you as well as with me and my companion Salome!

262,9. I was able to recognize you and I no longer doubt that you, old and honest man, are the same Joseph with his young wife Mary, who moved to Egypt three years ago in order to escape the Herod's persecution.

262,10. Therefore I was in a hurry to come here, to welcome you and introduce you to your property."

262,11. After hearing this from Cornelius, Joseph got up and asked him:

262,12. "Good man, who are you then, that you can tell me this?

262,13. Tell me your name and I will follow you at once!"

262,14. And Cornelius spoke: "Most noble old man! See, I am the governor of Jerusalem,

262,15. and my name is Cornelius, and I am the same who gave you a small token of friendship in Bethlehem!

262,16. Therefore do not worry about anything, for look, my friend Salome from Bethlehem has faithfully carried out your request!"

262,17. Here Salome fell to Joseph's feet and spoke with a trembling voice:

262,18. "What joy for a poor sinner like me that my unworthy eyes can see you again!

262,19. O come, please come into your house! For my house does not deserve such grace!"

262,20. Joseph was moved to tears and spoke:

262,21. "O great God, Father! – How good You are! You always lead the tired traveller to the best destination!"

262,22. After that he embraced Cornelius and Salome and immediately moved into his farmstead with them.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-262 Chapter