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Chapter 263. – Salome hands over the house and the farm to Joseph in the best condition. Joseph's embarrassment. The humility and love of Salome. Her marvellous testimonial of the Lord. A word from the Lord about love.

263,1. Salome's servants, Cornelius' entourage and Cornelius and Salome themselves helped in putting in all of Joseph's luggage.

263,2. And Salome led the family into the living quarters' well-equipped rooms.

263,3. And Joseph was amazed about how clean his house had been kept.

263,4. All the beds were new and the old ones cleaned; also the stable was most suitably equipped.

263,5. And Joseph saw for himself, how perfectly Salome had taken care of him.

263,6. And he asked Salome: "O dear friend, you see that I am poor and have no means whatsoever! – How will I ever be able to repay you?"

263,7. When Salome had heard this question from Joseph, she answered in tears:

263,8. "O my most noble friend! What do I have in this world, that I did not receive from Him, who is resting now in the arms of His tender mother?!

263,9. And I have received it truly and eternally from Him, who is with you; so how could I call mine what belongs to Him in all eternity? –

263,10. O – the Lord, holy for all eternity, did not come from abroad to us poor sinners,

263,11. but instead He came into His eternal property; therefore we cannot give Him anything, pretending that we own something;

263,12. we only bring back to Him what belongs to Him with the power He has given to us.

263,13. And therefore any remark from your side about being in my debt is forever invalid; for I am rewarded already for all eternity by the grace of this infinitely high duty to take care of you,

263,14. and that all the more as I feel in the depths of my soul that I am certainly most unworthy of this holy duty!"

263,15. Now Salome could not talk anymore; therefore she kept silent and wept for love and bliss.

263,16. The Infant became awake and lively at this moment.

263,17. When He had raised Himself cheerfully on Mary's lap, He looked very lovingly towards Salome and Cornelius and spoke:

263,18. "O Salome, and you too, My Cornelius! – Look, I slept, but your great love has awakened Me!

263,19. Truly, that is sweet and pleasant; therefore it should remain forever!

263,20. From now on I want to sleep in My divine essential being for everybody, but for those who come to Me with their love I will awaken forever!

263,21. Salome, go to bed now, but bring Me a good breakfast tomorrow!"

263,22. Salome was highly delighted now that she had heard the Lord speaking for the first time. And everyone praised God and went to bed.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-263 Chapter