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Chapter 264. – Salome invites Joseph's family for breakfast. The favourite food of the Child Jesus. Love and joy of the Infant and Salome. "O Lord! – Who can look at you without tears in the eyes?"

264,1. Early next morning everybody was already up in both houses and Salome was busy in her kitchen with the preparation of a good breakfast, consisting of honey bread, a good fish soup and several fish of the best quality,

264,2. the best of which were trout, that were often caught in the mountain streams in the area.

264,3. When breakfast was ready, Salome rushed to Joseph's house and invited Joseph and his household for breakfast.

264,4. And Joseph spoke: "But look, my dear friend, why do you go through so much trouble just because of me?

264,5. Look, my sons are also busy in the kitchen with the preparation of breakfast;

264,6. therefore you should not have bothered so much with your hospitality towards us!"

264,7. But Salome spoke: "O my most noble friend! Please do not disdain the work of your maid and come!"

264,8. Joseph was very touched, called everybody in his house together, and went with Salome to her house for breakfast.

264,9. They were received by Cornelius at the doorstep, who welcomed all of them most heartily.

264,10. And Joseph was full of delight when he recognised his friend Cornelius in the sunlight.

264,11. Then they all went into the beautiful dining room, where the breakfast was served for the guests.

264,12. And when the Infant saw the fish on the table, He smiled and ran to Salome and said to her:

264,13. "But who told you that I like to eat fish so much?

264,14. You have made Me very happy with this, for look, this is above all My favourite food!

264,15. I also like to eat honey cakes and fish soup with wheat bread;

264,16. but fish is My favourite food of all.

264,17. You have taken such good care of Me and therefore I've really grown fond of you!"

264,18. This praise from the Infant again caused Salome to be beside herself with joy, and she wept.

264,19. The Infant spoke: "Salome, look, you are always weeping when you rejoice at something!

264,20. But look, I do not like weeping, therefore you must not always weep when you are joyful, then I will like you even more!

264,21. Look, I would like to sit on your lap when I am eating My fish;

264,22. but I do not dare it, because you might weep too much out of sheer joy!"

264,23. Salome pulled herself together as much as she could and said to the Infant:

264,24. "O Lord! – Who can look at you without tears in the eyes?"

264,25. And the Infant spoke: "Just look at My brothers, they see Me every day and yet they do not weep when they see Me!"

264,26. Thereupon Salome calmed down again and all went to the table, and the Infant sat in Salome's lap.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-264 Chapter