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Chapter 265. – Cornelius reassures an anxious Joseph when the latter asks questions about the new and cruel king Archelaus.

265,1. After breakfast, Joseph talked with Cornelius about king Archelaus and made detailed inquiries about what kind of man he was and how he ruled.

265,2. And Cornelius said to Joseph: "Most noble man and friend! If my brother Cyrenius and I would not control him, he would be ten times more cruel than his father was.

265,3. But with good reason we have restricted his power and so he is only allowed to collect his taxes, and that too only according to our judgment!

265,4. And in case a taxpayer refuses to pay his taxes for any reason, he is obliged to consult us;

265,5. failing which we can at any moment serve him the emperor's certificate of deposition, which I always keep in my hands, with which he could be declared outlawed before all people.

265,6. Therefore you do not have to be afraid of this king in the least;

265,7. for it would be not advisable for him to act against the existing rules,

265,8. otherwise tomorrow he is not a king anymore, but an ostracized, outlawed slave of Rome!

265,9. Friend! I think, you do not need much more for your reassurance.

265,10. I am the governor of Jerusalem now, and my brother Cyrenius is more or less the vice-emperor of Asia and Africa and we are your friends!

265,11. I think, in a worldly sense, there cannot be any better guarantee than this for anyone, anywhere.

265,12. And the greatest guarantee for your security and peace lives in this house!

265,13. Therefore be calm now and carry out your work, well known to me, without fear!

265,14. And during the assessment of your taxes I will select a category for you that will not hurt you!"

265,15. When Joseph heard this from Cornelius, he became very happy and calm again.

265,16. Cornelius discovered Cyrenius' five girls and Eudokia, who seemed to be well known to him, but whom he did not recognise here.

265,17. Therefore he asked Joseph some further details about these individuals.

265,18. And Joseph told him the whole truth without any reserve.

265,19. And when Cornelius came to know how humane and unselfish Joseph had behaved towards his brother Cyrenius, Cornelius was beside himself also.

265,20. He was absolutely delighted and kissed Joseph a hundred times and called his brother's children and caressed and kissed them as well.

265,21. And he said to Joseph: "When your relation with my brother is such, you shall be tax-exempted for all times like every citizen of Rome; and today I will fix the imperial letter of privilege to your house myself!" – Joseph was moved to tears at this and everybody wept with him for joy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-265 Chapter