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Chapter 25. - The prophetess Hannah in the temple and her testimonial of the Child Jesus. Hannah's warning to Mary. The provisional accommodation of the Holy Family with a rich Israelite.

25,1. At this time, there was also a prophetess in the temple, called Hannah; she was a daughter of Phanuel, from the tribe of Asher.

25,2. She was already quite old and was so devout, that during her youth she had retained her virginity for seven years after her marriage because of her love of God.

25,3. In her eightieth year she became a widow, and immediately went to the temple and never left it.

25,4. There, at her own will, she served only the Lord God, with prayers and fasting almost throughout the day and night.

25,5. At that particular time, she was already four years in the temple and she now came over, praised the Lord God, and the Holy Spirit spoke through her to all those who awaited the Saviour of Jerusalem.

25,6. When she ended her prophetic words, she requested to hold the Infant, cuddled him and honoured and praised God.

25,7. Afterwards she returned the Infant to Mary and spoke to her: "Fortunate are you, o virgin, to be the mother of my Lord.

25,8. However, do not desire praise because of it; for only He, who suckles at your breast, is worthy to be honoured, praised and worshipped by us all!"

25,9. After these words the prophetess turned back, and Joseph and Mary, after spending close to three hours in the temple, went out and searched for accommodation with a relative.

25,10. As they came there, however, they found the house locked; for at this time, the relative was in Bethlehem for the registration.

25,11. Joseph did not know what he should do; for firstly, it was the dead of night, as is wont in the season of short daytime, and besides, there were almost no houses open at this time, as it was the day before the Sabbath.

25,12. It was too cold to stay overnight in the open, as there was hoarfrost on the fields and, moreover, there was a cold wind blowing.

25,13. As Joseph thought to and fro and appealed to the Lord for help in this difficulty,

25,14. behold, a young, distinguished Israelite walked up to Joseph and asked him: "What are you doing this late with your luggage in the lane? Are you not also an Israelite - and do not know the custom?"

25,15. Joseph said: "I am from the tribe of David! I was in the temple and offered a sacrifice to the Lord; but the early night came upon us very suddenly, and now I cannot find accommodation and have greatly concerned about my wife and her Child!"

25,16. And the young Israelite said to Joseph: "So come with me; I will rent you a room in an inn for a penny or its equivalent!"

25,17. And Joseph, together with Mary, who was on the pack animal, and with his three sons, followed the Israelite to a magnificent house and were lodged in a small, low room.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-25 Chapter