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Chapter 26. – The rebuke of the inn proprietor Nicodemus. Joseph's justification speech. The testimonial of the midwife. A sign of clemency for Nicodemus, who recognizes the Lord.

26,1. In the morning, as Joseph was getting ready for departure to Bethlehem, the young Israelite came and demanded the rent money.

26,2. But as he entered the small room, he was overcome by such great fear, that his lips could not utter a sound.

26,3. Joseph went up to him and said: "Friend! Look, what do you see on me that has the value of a penny? – Take that, as I do not possess any money!"

26,4. The Israelite now recovered somewhat and said with a trembling voice: "Man from Nazareth, only now do I recognize you! – You are Joseph, the carpenter, and you are the same one to whom Mary, the virgin of the Lord, was given by lot from the temple nine moons ago!

26,5. Here is the same virgin! – How have you cared for her, that she is now a mother in her fifteenth year? – What has happened?

26,6. Truly, you are not the father! For men of your age and your godliness, recognized throughout Israel, would never do such things.

26,7. However, you have grown-up sons; can you vouch for their innocence? Have you always kept an eye on them and observed all their thoughts, actions, everything they did?"

26,8. Joseph, however, retorted to the young man: "Now I have recognized you; you are Nicodemus, a son of Benjamin from the tribe of Levi! How is it that you propose to examine me, while it is not your role to do so? – The Lord has examined me on this matter in the holy shrine and on the mountain of damnation and vindicated me before the highest court; what blame do you still want to put on me and my sons?

26,9. Go to the temple and investigate in the highest court, and you will get a proper testimonial of my whole house!"

26,10. These words deeply pierced the heart of the young, rich man, and he said: "But for the Lord's sake, if it is so, tell me, how it happened that this virgin has given birth! – Is it a miracle, or is it natural?"

26,11. Here the midwife who was present went to Nicodemus and spoke: "Good man! Here is the rent for the inadequate lodging! But do not hold us up here any longer; for we must reach Bethlehem today itself!

26,12. Only consider what it was that was given shelter in your house for a penny! – Truly, truly! Your most splendid rooms, adorned with gold and precious stones, would have been inadequate for the Glory of God, who stayed in this small room, which is, at best, suitable for convicts!

26,13. Go there and touch the Infant, so that the thick veil in front of your eyes is lifted and you can see who has visited you! – As the midwife I have the ancient right to permit you to touch the Infant."

26,14. At this, Nicodemus went there and touched the Infant; and as he had touched Him, he got a glimpse of his inner vision, so that he saw the glory of God.

26,15. He immediately fell down before the Child, worshipped Him and spoke: "What mercy, what love and what compassion must be in You, o Lord, that You visit your people!

26,16. What should I do to my house and what to myself, now that I have not recognized the glory of God?!"

26,17. To this the midwife said: "Remain in all this, as you are; but keep an innermost silence on what you have seen, otherwise you will be subject to the tribunal of God!" – Thereupon Nicodemus returned the penny, went out weeping and hereafter adorned the small room with gold and precious stones. – And Joseph immediately went on his journey.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-26 Chapter