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Chapter 27. - The return of the Holy Family to Bethlehem. The warm reception in the cave by those who had stayed behind. A manger as the Infant's cot. A good rest in the frosty night.

27,1. The eminent travellers once again arrived in Bethlehem in the evening, one hour before sunset, and settled in the familiar cave.

27,2. The two sons who had stayed behind, Salome and the captain came to meet them with open arms and asked those who had returned how the journey had been.

27,3. And Joseph narrated everything they had encountered, declaring in the end, that he, together with all the fellow travellers, had not eaten anything during that day; for the extremely limited supplies were barely sufficient for the weak Mary.

27,4. As the captain heard this, he immediately went to the back of the cave and came back with various food stuffs that were permitted to the Jews and spoke to Joseph:

27,5. "May your God bless this for you, and may you bless this according to your custom, and may all of you be strengthened and restored on this!"

27,6. And Joseph thanked God and blessed the food and then, in good spirits, ate together with Mary, his sons and the midwife.

27,7. However, carrying the Infant the whole day had become difficult for Mary, so she said to Joseph:

27,8. "Joseph, see, if only I had a small place beside me on which to lay down the Infant, so as to give my arms a little rest, then I would be well taken care of, and the Infant could grow in strength with a restful sleep!"

27,9. Before the captain was scarcely even aware of Mary's wish, he immediately leapt into the back of the cave and hurriedly brought forth a manger that was meant for the sheep (and which looked like a present-day feeding trough in front of the inns in the countryside).

27,10. Salome immediately took the best straw and fresh hay, placed it inside the little crib, then covered it with a clean cloth and thus made a soft bed for the Infant.

27,11. Mary wrapped the Infant in fresh linen, pressed Him to her heart, kissed Him and then gave the Infant to Joseph, so that he could kiss him and then also to all the others. She then laid the Infant in the rather inadequate little bed for the Lord of the heaven and the earth!

27,12. The Infant slept quite peacefully, and Mary could now eat in peace and fortify herself from the meal that the most kind-hearted captain had prepared.

27,13. After the meal, Mary spoke again to Joseph: "Joseph, let my bed be made ready, for I am extremely tired from the journey and would like to rest!"

27,14. Salome said: "O mother of my Lord, look, this has already been taken care of; come and see!"

27,15. And Mary arose, took the Infant and had the crib carried into her tent and went to rest; and this was Mary's first whole night's sleep since giving birth.

27,16. And the captain made sure that the stove was lit diligently and white stones were warmed and put around Mary's tent, so that the Infant would not suffer from cold; for it was a cold night, in which the water in the open air had turned into solid ice.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-27 Chapter