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Chapter 28. - Joseph wants to leave for Nazareth. The captain's advice to wait. The news about the Persian caravan and of Herod's search for the Child. Mary's fearlessness and trust in God.

28,1. The next morning, Joseph said: "Why should we stay here any longer? Mary feels strong again, so we want to leave for Nazareth, where we have good accommodation!"

28,2. However, as Joseph prepared to leave, the captain, who had had some work in the city before daybreak, returned once again and spoke to Joseph:

28,3. "God-worthy man! – You want to leave for the journey home; but I would like to dissuade you from it today and tomorrow!

28,4. See, I have just got information from my men, who arrived early today from Jerusalem, that three enormous Persian caravans have entered into Jerusalem!

28,5. Three main leaders, who are Magi, have made specific inquiries with Herod about the newborn King of the Jews!

28,6. Herod, as a Roman tenant sovereign from Greece who knows nothing of this, turned to the high priests, so that they could reveal the birthplace of the newly Anointed to him.

28,7. They announced to him that such an event would occur in Judea, and particularly in Bethlehem, for it was written in the Scriptures!

28,8. Herod then dismissed the priests and, together with all his servants, went to the three leaders and revealed to them what he had learnt from the high priests,

28,9. and then suggested to the three to conduct a diligent search for the newly Anointed of the Jews, and if they should find the Child, to return to him immediately, so that he too could go there and pay homage to the Child.

28,10. But do you know, my dearest friend Joseph, that I do not trust the Persians, and least of all do I trust the most tyrannical Herod?!

28,11. These Persians are believed to be Magi and are said to have found out about the birth through a strange star. This I will not dispute in the least; for such great miracles have taken place during the birth of this Infant, that similar events could have occurred in Persia as well.

28,12. However, in this matter it is also the most unfortunate circumstance; for evidently it involves this Child. If the Persians find Him, then Herod will also find Him!

28,13. And we will need to put up a big fight to elude this cunning old fox!

28,14. So, as I said before, you must stay at least three more days at this remote place. Within this period I will certainly be able to get the king-seekers to change their direction; because you see, I have command over twelve legions of soldiers here! – For your peace of mind, I will not say anymore. You now know the essentials; therefore stay! I will now go away again and return to you around noon!"

28,15. Joseph, who, together with his family, was intimidated by this news, stayed and waited in all humility in the Lord's Will, to see what this strange providence would lead to.

28,16. And he went to Mary and told her what he had just learnt from the captain.

28,17. Mary spoke: "The Lord's will be done! What bitter events have we already encountered - and the Lord has transformed them all into honey!

28,18. The Persians will certainly not harm us, if they are really supposed to come to us; and if they are hired to use any force upon us, well, through God's grace we have the protection of the captain!"

28,19. And Joseph said: "Mary, all this is right! I do not fear the Persians so greatly; but the grey-bearded Herod, this rapacious animal in human form, - it is him I fear, and even the captain dreads him!

28,20. For if it is ascertained, perhaps by the Persians, that our Infant Son is the newly-anointed King, then our only recourse would be a despicable flight!

28,21. For then even our captain, out of Roman political considerations would, for his own well-being, have to become an enemy. He will have to pursue us instead of helping us, if he does not want to be regarded as a traitor to his emperor!

28,22. And he has surely also realized this for himself, as he expressed his significant doubts about Herod to me.

28,23. That is why, I assume, he is making us wait here for three more days! If all goes well, he will certainly remain our friend;

28,24. if not, he has us at hand to deliver us to Herod's cruelty, and moreover, will receive a great honour from his emperor for so cleverly removing the Jewish King, who could have one day endangered the state, from this world!"

28,25. Hereupon Mary said: "Joseph! Do not needlessly frighten yourself and me! – Look, we drank the accursed water, and nothing happened to us! Why then should we be afraid, since we have, on account of this Child, seen and confirmed so much of the glory of God?!

28,26. Let it happen as it should, I tell you: The Lord is mightier than the Persians, Herod, the Roman emperor and the captain together with his twelve legions! Thus be calm, as you see that I am calm!

28,27. Incidentally, I am confident, that the captain will do his utmost before he is forced to become our enemy!"

28,28. Thereupon the good, devout Joseph again felt reassured and went forth and awaited the captain. He let his sons heat the cave and boil some fruits for Mary, for himself and the sons.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-28 Chapter