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Chapter 267. – Cornelius asks about the miracles of the Infant. Joseph's reference to His speeches. The important words of the Infant to Cornelius.

267,1. When Cornelius had talked at length with Eudokia about everything he needed to know,

267,2. and he had gathered from her statement that everything was exactly in accordance with the letter of his brother,

267,3. he turned to Joseph again and spoke to him:

267,4. "Most noble man! – Now I am clear about everything.

267,5. I do not want to ask you anymore how and why you had left Egypt again when you were taken care of well there;

267,6. for I know, that you will only do what your God commands you to do.

267,7. And as you act according to the will of your God, your action is always good and just before God and the whole world that thinks and wants and acts according to the law as I do.

267,8. But there is one thing that I would like to ask you before my departure to Jerusalem,

267,9. and that is: see, I still have a vivid picture in front of my eyes of all these miraculous apparitions of your Child around the time of His birth!

267,10. But now I see this miraculously born child in front of me and this miraculous quality seems to have left Him! – Say, how is this to be understood?"

267,11. And Joseph spoke: "O friend, how can you ask such a strange question?!

267,12. Have you not heard the Child talking to Salome earlier?

267,13. Do all children of this age talk with such depth of wisdom?

267,14. Is not such speech from the mouth of a three-year-old child as miraculous as any of those birth manifestations in Bethlehem?"

267,15. Cornelius said: "You are right, but as far as such a miracle is concerned, it is nothing new to me.

267,16. For look, in Rome I have heard children at the age of one talk properly, to everyone's astonishment; and their birth was absolutely natural!

267,17. For this reason your extraordinary Child has not satisfied my high expectations."

267,18. Now the Infant Himself came to Cornelius and spoke to him:

267,19. "Cornelius, be happy with the burden I have put on your shoulders;

267,20. for look, you would have to turn into a mountain of granite, if you wanted to carry a bigger load of My will on your shoulders!

267,21. Therefore do not ask more of Me until the time has come!

267,22. And at the right time I will surely do enough for you and the whole world!"

267,23. When Cornelius heard this, he did not investigate further and had his luggage arranged for his departure.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-267 Chapter