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Chapter 268. – Cornelius affixes Rome's letter of privilege to Joseph's house. The Roman tax code. The Infant's promise to Cornelius.

268,1. In a few hours, Cornelius was ready to depart, but before that he went with Joseph to the latter's house and affixed - as promised - a small iron plate with the emperor's image and signature to the door.

268,2. And this small plate was the imperial sign of privilege or rather a letter of privilege according to which the tenure king of that particular country could not exercise any rights over such a house.

268,3. When Cornelius had finished this work, he took his pencil and, under the small plate on the door, he wrote in the Roman language:

268,4. Tabulam hanc libertatis Romanae secundum iudicium Caesaris Augusti suamque voluntatem affigit Cornelius Archidux Hierosolymae in plena potestate urbis Romae. (‘This Roman letter of privilege was issued by Cornelius, commander of Jerusalem, by the grace and command of Caesar Augustus, in full power of the city of Rome.’)

268,5. When Cornelius had also finished this inscription, he said to Joseph:

268,6. "Now, dearest friend, your house and trade is exempted from any tax which Archelaus may levy upon you.

268,7. You only have to make the small yearly tax payment to Rome, which, hopefully, you can easily spare!

268,8. You can pay this small amount either in Jerusalem itself or here at the Imperial office in Nazareth, against a receipt.

268,9. And so you are now secured against all persecutions from the side of the tenure king; but put a little grill on top of your plate, so that nobody can steal it or spoil my signature!"

268,10. Joseph thanked the Lord God in his heart for so much grace and he blessed Cornelius many times.

268,11. And the Infant also came to Cornelius and spoke to him:

268,12. "Now listen to Me a little! For I also want to tell you something as a great reward!

268,13. Look, you have done a great service to the house of Joseph;

268,14. and in the future, I shall do the same for your whole house!

268,15. Even if this house is not owned by My foster father, but only the property of Salome because she has bought it,

268,16. I will compensate your whole house manifold for what you have done to this house of Salome!

268,17. You have fixed the imperial sign of privilege with your own hand to the door and have added your signature.

268,18. Therefore I Myself will spread My spirit over your whole house in the future, through which you will receive the eternal freedom of the heavens of God and within it the eternal, immortal life in My kingdom!"

268,19. Cornelius lifted up the Infant, kissed Him and smiled at this strange promise;

268,20. for how could he have grasped what the Infant had said to him in such divine depth of wisdom!

268,21. And the Infant spoke: "You will only understand that when My spirit will come upon you!" – Then the Infant ran to His James again. Cornelius now got ready for his departure, and Joseph started to arrange everything in the house according to his needs.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-268 Chapter