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Chapter 269. – Joseph brings the whole house in order and talks with Mary about a visit to friends and relatives. The strange behaviour and peculiar words of the Infant.

269,1. When Joseph, with the active help of Salome, had brought his whole house in order, he thanked God and was full of joy that he had been received so well again in the land of his fathers.

269,2. On the next day he spoke to Mary, after he had handed over the care of the house to his four elder sons for the day:

269,3. "Mary, my most loyal wife! – Look, we have many relatives and good friends around here;

269,4. go and take the Infant, James and, if you want, Eudokia with the five girls a well,

269,5. and let us reserve today for a visit to all the relatives, friends and acquaintances which live in Nazareth and the near vicinity,

269,6. so that also those who have missed me for a long time can enjoy our company again!

269,7. And on this occasion I might be able to get some work assignments again, so that I can earn enough to feed all of you."

269,8. Mary agreed happily to this suggestion and arranged everything for this purpose.

269,9. Only the Infant initially did not want to go. But when His mother coaxed him, He let Himself be dressed and taken along nevertheless.

269,10. But He spoke: "I will walk with you; but nobody should carry Me!

269,11. But – while I walk, I want to walk in between you, everywhere you want to go!

269,12. Now do not ask Me why I want it in this way, for I do not just speak out about why I want something in this or that way!"

269,13. And Mary spoke to the Infant: "Oh, you will like to be carried when you become tired!"

269,14. And the Infant spoke: "Oh, do not worry! I will never become tired, when I do not want to;

269,15. but when I want it, I will become tired, – but then My tiredness is a judgment for men!

269,16. For only the sin of men can bring Me to a point where I want to be tired because of the sin of men!

269,17. But above all I tell you, that no one of you should betray Me!

269,18. For it is enough, that you know that I am the Lord!

269,19. You know it without judgment; for your hearts are from the heavens.

269,20. But if men on earth would know it before the right time, they would be judged and would have to die!

269,21. That is why I did want to come along initially.

269,22. I had to tell you this beforehand; and now that you know it, I will come with you.

269,23. But do understand that I will only walk and not be carried, so that the earth will know by My steps, Who is stepping on her ground!"

269,24. All kept these words carefully in mind and then promptly set out on their visit to the relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-269 Chapter