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Chapter 270. – The earthquake under Jesus' feet frightens Joseph und Mary. Refugees from the city warn Joseph not to go further. Joseph, calmed down by James, enters the town without fear.

270,1. When Joseph set off with his people with the Infant walking in between Joseph and Mary, they all noticed a distinct shaking of the earth at each step of the Infant.

270,2. Joseph noticed this phenomenon quite markedly at times and said to Mary:

270,3. "Wife! Do you feel how the earth is reeling and trembling?"

270,4. And Mary said: "O I feel it very strongly;

270,5. I hope we are not caught on the way or in the city by a big storm which often likes to set in after an earthquake!

270,6. And look, the earthquake continues, which I have never seen before!

270,7. Oh – surely, a terrible storm will follow!"

270,8. And Joseph said: "I do not see a cloud in the sky anywhere,

270,9. but nevertheless you may still be right!

270,10. If this earthquake does not stop very soon, it will not be advisable to move to the city!"

270,11. But as they were approaching the city, they quickly encountered a large number of refugees, who warned them not to go there.

270,12. For they said: "Friends, wherever you come from, do not go into the city!

270,13. For half an hour ago a terrible earthquake occurred, and the houses are about to collapse any minute!"

270,14. Joseph himself was in doubt about what to do now, – should he go on walking or should he return?

270,15. But James went to Joseph and told him secretly:

270,16. "Father, – do not be afraid; this earthquake will not harm anyone in the least, neither in the city nor in the surroundings!"

270,17. Joseph immediately understood where the earthquake came from.

270,18. And therefore he promptly encouraged all the members of his family to go into the city.

270,19. But when the refugees from the city saw that the old man was making his way towards the city,

270,20. they spoke among themselves: "What kind of man is this, who has no fear of the earthquake?"

270,21. And they pondered back and forth; but nobody recognised him.

270,22. And then they wanted to move back into the city as well;

270,23. but when the Infant walked on and the earth started to shake again, they continued to flee. – But Joseph fearlessly went into the city with his family.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-270 Chapter