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Chapter 271. – Repentant people unwittingly bear true witness. Joseph's words to them: The Lord does not look at a torn hair shirt, "but only at the state of the heart, and the condition it is in!" Joseph is warmly welcomed in the city by his friend.

271,1. As Joseph entered the city, he saw the people running about in great fear and confusion,

271,2. and everybody cried: "God, the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has brought retribution upon us!

271,3. Tear your clothes, cover your heads with ashes and do penance, so that the Lord may have mercy on us again!"

271,4. Some of them pushed their way to Joseph and asked him if he too would not tear his clothes.

271,5. But Joseph spoke: "O brothers, if you want to do penance, do it in your hearts, not in your clothes!

271,6. For the Lord looks neither at the colour of the clothes nor whether they are whole or torn;

271,7. the Lord looks only upon the heart, to see in which state it is!

271,8. For bad things can dwell in the heart, like evil thoughts, desires, a bad will;

271,9. indecency, whoring, adultery and similar things.

271,10. It is better to tear such things out of your hearts, if they exist, than to tear your clothes and put ashes on your head!"

271,11. When the despondent Nazarenes heard this, they stepped back and talked among themselves:

271,12. "Look! – Who is this man, who talks like this, as if he were a great prophet?!"

271,13. But the Infant tugged at Joseph and said smilingly:

271,14. "You have talked well; that was just what these blind ones needed!

271,15. But now the earth shall be at rest again, so we can walk on without disturbance!"

271,16. Thereupon the family went to a friend of Joseph, who was a doctor in Nazareth.

271,17. When he saw Joseph, he rushed towards him, flung his arms around his neck and shouted:

271,18. "O Joseph, Joseph, my dearest friend and brother! How - yes - how is it that you come here now at this difficult hour?!

271,19. Where have you been for three long years?

271,20. Where do you come from now? What angel of God has brought you here?"

271,21. But Joseph spoke: "Brother, lead us to your house and give us water to clean our feet,

271,22. then you shall know everything, where I have been and where I came from!" – And the doctor immediately fulfilled Joseph's request.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-271 Chapter