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Chapter 272. – Joseph tells his doctor friend about his experiences. The doctor's great sympathy and his own experiences. Joseph's anger about Archelaus. Joseph is calmed down by the Infant.

272,1. When Joseph and his family had cleaned their feet and came into the doctor's living room where several patients were being treated, Joseph and his family members sat down and he gave the doctor a brief outline of his flight and reasons behind it.

272,2. After hearing all this, the doctor became very angry about Herod, but even more so about his living son, Archelaus.

272,3. He described him as even more ruthless than his father.

272,4. And Joseph spoke to him: "Friend, what you have told me about Archelaus is something I have already heard on my journey here.

272,5. But look, the Lord has taken care of me!

272,6. I live in my own free house now and I am equal to a citizen of Rome and therefore I have nothing to do with this tyrant!"

272,7. And the doctor spoke: "O friend, look, this is my house, it also had the imperial letter of privilege;

272,8. but recently Archelaus' tax collectors came, tore the small plate from the door and seized me the very next day.

272,9. A similar thing can happen to you; therefore be on guard!

272,10. For I tell you: Nothing is sacred to this devil of a king; who he does not rob, is robbed by his lessees, and his most despicable collectors!"

272,11. After hearing this from the doctor, Joseph became very angry about Archelaus and spoke:

272,12. "Let him only try it, and I tell you, this ruthless tyrant will have a rough time!

272,13. For I have the governor's word that Archelaus will be treated as a traitor, if he will not respect the privileges of Rome!"

272,14. And the doctor spoke: "O brother! Do not put too much faith in such privileges;

272,15. for no fox can wriggle itself out of a trap more cleverly than this Greek beast!

272,16. See, what did he do in my case, when I complained about it in the Roman court?

272,17. He immediately accused the solicitor of acting arbitrarily and had him thrown into prison.

272,18. And when I came to claim damages, I was dismissed with the reply:

272,19. 'The king, as has been proven, has taken no part in this crime, so it is only the culprit, who can be held liable as he acted on his own accord.

272,20. But nothing had been found on him; so the damages were to be borne by the landlord, as in the case of a common theft!‘ – And see, with this I was dismissed!

272,21. The small plates were fixed again on the door of my house; but only Archelaus knows best for how long that will be!"

272,22. When Joseph heard this, he became very angry and did not know what to say. But the Infant spoke:

272,23. "O do not get annoyed about this powerless one; for look, there is still a Lord, who is capable of much more than anyone in Rome!" – Thereupon Joseph became calm. But the doctor was surprised; for he did not yet know the Child.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-272 Chapter