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Chapter 273. – The doctor's surprise and prediction about the wise little Child. The Infant's reply to Joseph. The doctor's hope for the Messiah and the Infant's correction.

273,1. After a while, the doctor started to talk again and spoke to Joseph:

273,2. "But friend, in the name of the Lord, what kind of Child do you have there, who talks as wisely as a high priest in the temple of the Lord, when he stands in front of the inner sanctum attired with the Thumim und Urim?

273,3. Truly, He spoke only a few words and they cut right through me!

273,4. You have of course told me in your narration, how the Child was the reason for your flight to Egypt and you have vaguely mentioned some exceptional events during His birth,

273,5. from which I guessed, that a great prophet could develop out of this Child, if He would go through the Essenes' school of the prophets.

273,6. But as I have heard Him speak just now, He does not need the school of the Essenes;

273,7. for He is already a prophet of the first class equal to Samuel and like Elijah and Isaiah!"

273,8. Joseph became a bit embarrassed and did not immediately know how to respond to his friend.

273,9. Then the Infant came over to Joseph again and told him:

273,10. "Leave the doctor to his faith; for he too is called to God's kingdom, but he shall not know too much at one time!"

273,11. When the doctor overheard these words, he spoke full of surprise:

273,12. "Yes, yes, brother Joseph, I was right!

273,13. That Child is already a prophet, who will announce the imminent coming of the Messiah, who is promised to us;

273,14. for He just spoke clearly of the kingdom of God, for which I am supposed to be called as well!

273,15. Only now I realize why this little Samuel has just consoled you with a Lord who is mightier than Rome!

273,16. Yes, when the Messiah comes, then of course the same will happen to Rome as has happened once to the city of Jericho at the time of Joshua!"

273,17. But the Infant spoke: "Oh friend, – What are you talking about? Do you not know what is written: 'no prophet will come from Galilee'!?

273,18. And if so, who would be the One, who comes from the tribe of David?!

273,19. I tell you, when the Messiah comes, He will not draw His sword against Rome,

273,20. but will only announce His spiritual kingdom through His messengers on earth!" –

273,21. Here the doctor was taken aback and after a while he spoke: "Truly! Through you, God has visited His people!" –

273,22. And Joseph agreed with the doctor, but didn't add any further explanation.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-273 Chapter