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Chapter 274. – The Infant tests the confidence of the sick people and heals the firmly believing girl who suffers from gout.

274,1. After this discussion, the Infant ran cheerfully about and asked the sick, who were afflicted with all kinds of ailments, what was wrong with them and how they had fallen ill.

274,2. And the sick said: "You cheerful little Boy, we have told that already to our doctor, who will cure us after some time.

274,3. But now in front of all the guests, it would be impolite to confess our sins which surely are the cause of all our ailments;

274,4. therefore go to the doctor, and he will tell if it is appropriate for You to know!"

274,5. Here the Infant smiled and spoke to the sick:

274,6. "Would you not tell Me the reason for your ailments, if I were most definitely able to help you?"

274,7. And the sick spoke: "O yes, in that case, of course;

274,8. but for that you would still have to learn a lot! It will take a while before you become a doctor."

274,9. And the Infant spoke: "O not at all! I am already an experienced doctor and My skills are such that I can heal you instantaneously.

274,10. And I say to you: Whoever among you who will confide in Me first, shall be healed first!"

274,11. Among them was a girl of about twelve years old, afflicted with gout, who liked the Child and said to Him:

274,12. "Come here You little doctor, I want to be healed by You!"

274,13. At this moment the Infant ran to the girl and told her:

274,14. "Because you have called Me first, you shall be healed first!

274,15. Look, I know the reason for your ailment, it is caused by those who have conceived you;

274,16. but you are without sin, and therefore I say to you:

274,17. Get up, walk freely and remember Me!

274,18. But do not tell anybody that I have healed you!"

274,19. And behold, the twelve-year-old girl instantly got up and walked freely.

274,20. And when the other sick people saw that, they wanted to be healed as well.

274,21. But the Infant did not go to their beds, because they had not asked for it before.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-274 Chapter