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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-275 Chapter

Chapter 275. – The doctor's amazement and his humble confession. The Infant calms the doctor and tells him the best (His) healing method. The doctor has faith and becomes famous far and wide through his healing work. Joseph takes the healed girl into his house.

275,1. And when the doctor saw the miraculous healing of the young girl, who he had previously declared to be entirely incurable, he was beside himself.

275,2. He could hardly breath from amazement and spoke to Joseph:

275,3. "O brother, I implore you, move away from here;

275,4. for now my heart is really in my mouth!

275,5. See, I am a sinful creature and obviously, your Child carries the spirit of the Lord within Him!

275,6. But how can a poor wretch exist before the omnipotent spirit of the Almighty?!"

275,7. At this moment the Infant went to the doctor and spoke to him:

275,8. "Man! – Why do you become foolish now and frightened of Me?

275,9. What evil did I do to you that you are scared of Me?

275,10. Do you think by any chance that the healing of the girl was a miracle?

275,11. O I tell you – not at all; you only have to try to heal the other sick people in this way and they will get better!

275,12. Go there, awaken their belief, put your hands on them and they will be cured instantaneously!

275,13. But first you yourself have to firmly believe that you can help them, that you can cure them without fail!"

275,14. After hearing this from the Infant, he decided to have firm faith, went to the sick and did what the Infant had told him.

275,15. And look, all the sick people got cured, paid their fees to the doctor and praised God, that He had given such power to men!

275,16. In this way, the image of a miracle Child before the eyes of the world was fortunately taken away as well.

275,17. But the doctor became very famous after that,

275,18. and many sick people came to him from far and wide and were cured.

275,19. And when the twelve-year-old girl saw that the doctor healed so miraculously as well, she thought, 'the Child has accomplished it through the doctor‘, and praised the doctor's wisdom from then onwards.

275,20. The Infant did not complain, for He had empowered the doctor precisely in order to dispel suspicion.

275,21. Only Joseph spoke to the girl: "Girl, remember that all power comes from above!

275,22. And since you are not in anyone's employment right now, come into my house and you shall be taken care of!" – And the girl immediately joined Joseph and went with him.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-275 Chapter