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Chapter 276. – The Holy Family visits the teacher Dumas. Joseph narrates his story. The little Child with the school children.

276,1. After a few private talks about pending carpentry work, the doctor accompanied Joseph to see another friend, a school teacher in Nazareth by the name of Dumas.

276,2. Upon arrival, the doctor returned home and Joseph went inside Dumas' house.

276,3. But after all these years, Dumas did not immediately recognise his old friend Joseph.

276,4. Joseph asked him, whether he really didn't recognise him anymore.

276,5. And Dumas scratched his head and said:

276,6. "There is indeed a striking resemblance between you and a certain Joseph, who had problems here because of a temple prostitute three years ago;

276,7. this otherwise very honest man had to go to Bethlehem to be registered and that with his whole entourage.

276,8. I do not know what happened to him afterwards.

276,9. And look, there is a great resemblance between you and this dear man, – but surely, you would not be that man?"

276,10. And Joseph said: "But what if I were indeed him, would you not give me any work in my old profession as a carpenter?

276,11. For look, I live in my old farmstead again!"

276,12. After Dumas heard this from Joseph, he said:

276,13. "Yes, now it is clear, it is you indeed, my old friend and brother Joseph!

276,14. But for Heaven's sake, where are you coming from now?"

276,15. And Joseph said to him: "Brother, first give me a wet cloth, so that I can clean my feet from the dust, then you shall hear everything that should be said!"

276,16. And Dumas immediately sent for a wet cloth and a jug of water and Joseph's whole entourage cleaned their feet and went into Dumas' school building.

276,17. Here Joseph briefly told his story of the past three years.

276,18. Meanwhile the Infant spent some time with a few school children, who happened to be there and were learning to read and write.

276,19. One of the school children read something to the Infant, but made a few mistakes.

276,20. The Infant just smiled and quickly corrected the reader's mistakes.

276,21. This was soon noticed by all the children and they asked Him when and where He had acquired such reading skills.

276,22. And the Infant spoke: "O I was born with it!"

276,23. All the children started to laugh and went to Dumas and told him all about it; now he became aware of the Child and began to ask Joseph about the Child's abilities.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-276 Chapter