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Chapter 278. – Joseph considers going home. Mary's noble and womanly words. The Infant's advice and Joseph's return. The quarrel with the servants of Archelaus.

278,1. When Joseph had left the house of Dumas behind, he said to his people:

278,2. "It is most likely that we will get the same reception everywhere, –

278,3. so let us not spend too much time visiting our former friends, acquaintances and relatives;

278,4. for I have seen now with Dumas, how people react when you get a little too close to them!

278,5. Therefore, I intend to return home again. – What do you have to say to this, my faithful wife?"

278,6. And Mary spoke: "Joseph, dearest husband, you know that your will is forever my will, and must be so according to the divine order of the Lord;

278,7. but I do think that we should also ask the Lord Himself, who walks in our midst, for His advice on this!"

278,8. And Joseph spoke: "Mary, my faithful wife, you are absolutely right;

278,9. I will do that immediately and we will know exactly what is the best thing to do!"

278,10. And at this moment the Infant spoke without being asked: "Even if everything went well everywhere, it would be better to be at home.

278,11. For look, My time has not yet come; – but wherever I go with you, I cannot hide My full Divinity in such a way that it will not be noticed by those surrounding Me.

278,12. For Me, it is best to be at home now; for there it will be least noticed what is inside Me!

278,13. If you, Joseph, will go out to get some work in the near future, you can go there with your other children;

278,14. but let Me stay nicely at home; in this way, you will have the least trouble because of Me!"

278,15. Thereupon Joseph went home again. And when he arrived, he was astounded to see his four sons fighting with some of Archelaus' inspectors.

278,16. The blowflies quickly smelt that somebody has moved in here;

278,17. that is why they immediately tried to extort the tribute.

278,18. But when Joseph's sons were showing them Rome's letter of privilege on the door, they became angry and tried to rip it off.

278,19. Just at that moment, Joseph arrived and immediately asked the robbers under whose authority they were acting.

278,20. And they spoke: "We are the servants of the king and act according to the authority of the king!"

278,21. But Joseph said: "And I am a servant of God the Almighty and send you away from here according to His law!" - Upon hearing this, the offenders were seized by a mighty fear and ran away in a great hurry. After that the house was left in peace from similar offenders.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-278 Chapter