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Chapter 279. – The two-year discontinuance of the Infant's miracles. Jonathan's arrival from Egypt. The great joy in Joseph's house and the Infant's advice to Jonathan. Jonathan as a fisherman at the Sea of Galilee.

279,1. Two years went by and nothing extraordinary occurred in the house of Joseph.

279,2. Although Cyrenius received the news about Joseph's relocation, he could not visit him, because he was too busy with Roman state affairs.

279,3. And Cornelius was not much better off either;

279,4. because as much as he wanted to take time off to visit his Salome and his friend Joseph, he too had many urgent matters to take care of.

279,5. This had all been prearranged by the Lord, so that the little Child could grow up in Nazareth almost unnoticed.

279,6. Hence, in Nazareth, the people were totally unaware of the nature of the Child.

279,7. Only the doctor drew a lot of attention to himself because of his miraculous cures;

279,8. and what they said to the sick had almost become a proverb:

279,9. "If Nazareth can not cure you, then the whole world can not cure you either - not even Siloha!"

279,10. But Salome always made an effort to be of service to Joseph's family, and the Infant spent a lot of time in her house.

279,11. Finally after two years, Jonathan came back from Egypt and visited Joseph.

279,12. Joseph was overjoyed to meet his friend again and the Infant also jumped joyfully around His great fisherman.

279,13. When Jonathan had spent three weeks in Joseph's house all alone, as his whole family had died of yellow fever in Egypt,

279,14. he asked Joseph, whether he could help him to start some fishing trade here near Nazareth.

279,15. Here the Infant stood up and said to Jonathan:

279,16. "You must know, dear Jonathan, people around here are mostly wicked and very egoistic,

279,17. you will not have much success here! But you should go to the Sea of Galilee, that is not too far from here and the fishing trade there is still open to all!

279,18. You will quickly find a good spot there and always catch the best fish without much effort.

279,19. You can then take these fish to the market in Nazareth and you will have good sales there!"

279,20. Jonathan promptly followed this advice, and see, he found a widow there who had a small house by the Sea of Galilee.

279,21. And this widow quickly fell in love with Jonathan, took him in her house and soon married him.

279,22. And so Jonathan again became an excellent fisherman in the Sea of Galilee, and had good sales because of his very reasonable prices.

279,23. But he always took the utmost care to present Joseph und Salome every week with a good load of the best fish. –

279,24. And since two years, this was the only memorable event, as nothing else happened that would warrant a comment.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-279 Chapter