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Chapter 284. – Joseph's advice to the father of the dead shepherd boy. The homecoming of Joseph and the Child. The Child's marvellous promise. "In the future, whoever accepts Me in his heart as you (Salome) have done, will also be equal to My mother, My brothers and My sisters!"

284,1. But the father of the dead boy did not want to move away from the Child's side, as he had heard that the Child could bring his son back to life.

284,2. Then Joseph said to him: "Friend! I tell you, do not be obtrusive; for the Child has His order, according to which He acts,

284,3. and you will not be able to extort anything from him, however much you cry out!

284,4. Go and bring your boy to your house and lay him on a good bed as if he were sick, and tomorrow things will be better with him!"

284,5. After this speech, the father of the dead boy finally left Joseph and followed his advice.

284,6. Only then did Joseph have the peace and time to complete the work agreement with the builder.

284,7. Thereupon Joseph returned home and narrated all that had occurred to him during this short journey to the approaching Mary, Eudokia and Salome.

284,8. All three of them were astonished at such wickedness in men.

284,9. But the Child spoke: "O do not wonder about the wickedness of men; for if you want to do this, there are very many things in the world to be astonished about!"

284,10. Then Salome said to Mary: "O my exalted sister! I just cannot comprehend Him!

284,11. The Child of God has only to open His holy mouth, and wisdom just gushes forth!

284,12. How immeasurably farsighted these wise words were again!

284,13. O you most fortunate mother of such a Child!"

284,14. And the Child spoke: "And – o you fortunate Salome, who bought a house for your Lord –

284,15. and now witness how He bodily dwells in this house!

284,16. What difference is there really between the one, who carried Me in her body for a short time,

284,17. and My true homemaker, who always shelters Me in her house?!

284,18. And when a mother carries a child in her body, what does she furthermore do to give it life, make it grow, and enters into the world?

284,19. Is all this not a work of God, where the will of man is inconsequential?

284,20. And if someone admits a child into his house and always provides him with shelter, care, and board – say, is that not greater?!

284,21. Truly I say to you, those who will spiritually accept Me into their hearts as you do, will also be equal to My mother, My brothers and My sisters!"

284,22. All engraved these words deep in their hearts and then quietly and thoughtfully returned home. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-284 Chapter