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Chapter 285. – The dead shepherd boy brought back to life, and his fear of the Holy Child. The father sets him right and gives Joseph and the Child a proper testimonial. The Child's love. "My love is your life in all eternity!"

285,1. On the next day, at around the same time the boy had hit the Child, the boy was alive again, and he stood up and asked, just as if he had come out of a dream, what the matter was, and how he had ended up in this bed.

285,2. And his father told him everything that had happened and how came to be there.

285,3. At this, the boy became very afraid and said: "O father, that is a terrible child;

285,4. and every man, who values his life, should avoid him!

285,5. O put me into service far away from here, so that I never run into this terrible child on any occasion anywhere;

285,6. for he could again kill me in an instant!

285,7. However, I will not go back to my earlier master; for he led me to do an evil thing!"

285,8. And the father spoke: "My son, I thank God that I now have you back!

285,9. That is why you should not enter into any service anymore,

285,10. and I will keep you with me instead, as long as I live!

285,11. However, we need not fear Joseph's Child as much as you think we should;

285,12. for see, it is precisely this Child who apparently brought you back to life at the predicted time!

285,13. If that is the case, how can Joseph's child be as terrible as you imagine?

285,14. Look, my son, whoever kills and cannot restore life, is terrible;

285,15. but whoever can kill without spilling blood and then bring the dead person back to life, is not as terrible as you think!

285,16. And now we have something better to do,– we should go there and thank the carpenter for the your awakening!

285,17. For I know since a long time that the carpenter is an extremely righteous and god-fearing man."

285,18. At this speech of his father, the boy got rid of his fear and went with his father to see Joseph.

285,19. But they already met Joseph in the village, where he had returned, together with his four older sons and with the Child.

285,20. When the boy saw the Child, he felt very faint;

285,21. for he thought that he would now die again.

285,22. But the Child Himself instantly came to the timorous boy and spoke to him:

285,23. "Joras! – Do not be afraid of Me; for I love you more than the whole world!

285,24. For if I did not love you so immensely, you would not have regained life;

285,25. for look, My love is your life in all eternity!"

285,26. When the boy heard these words of the Child, he quickly felt better and stayed around the whole day, playing with the Child.

285,27. And the Child then showed the boy many meaningful games, which made the boy exceedingly happy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-285 Chapter