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Chapter 286. – The false judgment on Jesus by the deceitful village judge. Joseph's intrepid response. The false witnesses. Joseph rebukes the people on account of Jesus. "Joseph, the words that you have just uttered, do not come from Me, but from you!" The judgment of the eternal Judge. The bribed judge instantly turns blind. The Child to the excited Joseph: "Why do you want to vex Me, for I am yours!?"

286,1. When Joseph, together with his four older sons, went to the village for work on the following day, with the Child accompanying him,

286,2. a village judge came to him and said:

286,3. "Listen, carpenter! – It is not commendable that you always bring along your little son;

286,4. for firstly, He has a poisonous emanation, and secondly, the children who touch Him soon get ill,

286,5. or they soon die, or become blind or deaf!"

286,6. When Joseph heard such lies, he put his tools aside and spoke to the judge:

286,7. "Bring a witness here, who suffered such an evil through my highly innocent Child Jesus,

286,8. and I will go with them to the temple and settle the matter with them before the high priest of God!"

286,9. However, this judge was bribed by the father of the shrivelled boy

286,10. and thus searched for a way to cast as much suspicion as possible on Joseph's child.

286,11. After this speech of Joseph, the judge went away and, in a short time, collected several terribly diseased children of the village and led them to Joseph.

286,12. And when he arrived there, he spoke to Joseph: "Just look here, we have to thank your vicious child for all these cases!

286,13. See, these children have often visited your child and have played with Him;

286,14. and look, this is the glorious result of all this! – Therefore spare our village, and at the same time, keep your pest at home!"

286,15. When Joseph heard these words from the judge, he became annoyed, took the Child aside, and appeared to appeal to His conscience, saying:

286,16. "Why do You do such things? – See, they suffer therefrom and hence they hate and persecute us!"

286,17. But the Child objected and spoke: "The words that you have just uttered do not come from Me, but from you;

286,18. for you have now spoken the words of the judge, who is a liar, and not My words, which are eternally true!

286,19. However, I will remain silent against you and will not reprimand you for your adopted speech;

286,20. but this bribed judge must accept his just punishment because of his accusation!"

286,21. At that moment, the judge became stone-blind. – All who were with the judge were aghast at this deed.

286,22. Several among them were bewildered and cried:

286,23. "Let us quickly flee from here! For every word from the mouth of this Child comes to pass!"

286,24. But as Joseph now saw that the judge had gone blind and that the latter would surely cause him a lot of trouble for that,

286,25. he himself got upset about the Child, and, for the sake of the people, took Him by the ears to chastise Him.

286,26. This agitated the Child and He spoke very earnestly to Joseph:

286,27. "Let it be enough for you that they seek and do not find what they are seeking!

286,28. But you have not acted wisely this time! – Do you then not know that I am yours!?

286,29. Why do you want to vex Me, for I am yours!? – O do not vex Me henceforth, for I am yours!" –

286,30. Joseph soon saw his mistake, took the Child and hugged Him. – But all the bystanders quickly dispersed in tremendous fear of the Child.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-286 Chapter