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Chapter 287. – Lusting for glory, the teacher Piras Zacchaeus wishes to have the miraculous Child in his school. Joseph advises the teacher to make a test. Jesus embarrasses the hypocritical teacher.

287,1. After about three months, when Joseph had completed the work in the village, a certain Piras Zacchaeus from the city came to Joseph and for the first time made his acquaintance with the Child, about whom he had heard a great deal.

287,2. So, surreptitiously, he came solely for the sake of the Child.

287,3. For Piras Zacchaeus was a substitute teacher with little to do but he nevertheless thought very highly of his wisdom.

287,4. But why did he then secretly visit Joseph on account of the Child?

287,5. Because he thought: 'This must be a highly talented boy;

287,6. I will bring this boy into my school, and his rapid progress will enhance the reputation of my school beyond that of my rival!'

287,7. He spent most of his time with the Boy Jesus, asked him about a good many things and always got the most convincing answers, which greatly astonished him.

287,8. When he had thus examined the Child, he (Piras Zacchaeus) turned to Joseph and spoke to him:

287,9. "Brother! The Child has an extraordinary understanding for His age. Truly, you have an extremely bright little Boy!

287,10. Only it is a pity that he cannot read or write the alphabet!

287,11. Do you not want to send him to my school, so that he can learn how to read and write the alphabet with me?

287,12. And I will then also teach him the other sciences, so that he learns to greet the elders and honour them as grandfathers and fathers!

287,13. And – you know, so He may also learn to love his playmates, whom he has often dealt with in a most ruthless manner!

287,14. And so He may finally learn the Law of Moses, understand the history of God's people and the wisdom of God in the prophets!"

287,15. And Joseph said to the teacher: "Good, my friend and brother! – But before you take my Child into your school, make a small test in front of several witnesses who are here with me today!

287,16. Tell Him all the letters and clearly explain them to Him; then examine Him,

287,17. and you will definitely be able to judge His talent by the amount the Boy has learnt from your explanation!"

287,18. And the teacher promptly did this. He clearly recited the letters from Alpha to Omega and also explained the characters as best as he could.

287,19. But Jesus looked at the teacher in surprise, and when the latter examined Him thereafter, He said to him:

287,20. "O you hypocritical teacher! – How can you teach the Beta to the students, when you have never understood the meaning of the Alpha?

287,21. Explain to Me the true knowledge according to Alpha, and I will then believe what you say about the Beta!

287,22. So that you now learn that I do not need to be taught the alphabet, with their structure and their meaning, from you, I will explain and show you the alphabet's true meaning!"

287,23. Here little Jesus began to give a detailed explanation of the entire alphabet to the baffled teacher and, at the same time, diligently questioned the teacher to see whether he had understood it.

287,24. Every answer of the teacher was so foolish and so sketchy that it caused all those present to burst into laughter.

287,25. As the teacher discovered the Child's remarkable wisdom, and realized how he had disgraced himself here, he stood up and spoke to those present:

287,26. "O woe betide poor me, I am now in complete bewilderment! – I have brought shame, ridicule and harm upon myself, because I wanted to bring this little Boy into my school.

287,27. O brother Joseph! Take this boy away from me; for I can never again bear His severe countenance and His piercing speech!

287,28. Truly! This little Boy is no earthly born! – With his wisdom, he must surely know how to tame fire and water!

287,29. I will be a fool for eternity, if this boy was not born a long time before the creation of the world! – Jehovah will know whose womb carried the Child, and whose bosom fed Him!

287,30. Woe betide me! – I am already a fool; I came to enlist a student, and see, I have found a teacher, whose spirit I can never emulate! – O friends, consider my shame! – An old man has been made a fool of by a little boy, – that is surely my death!

287,31. Therefore, o Joseph, take away your boy from me; for he must be a great power, either a god or an angel!"

287,32. All those present now began to console the teacher; for he continued lamenting in his great distress. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-287 Chapter