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Chapter 288. – Jesus gives Piras Zacchaeus a ray of hope about His mission. The salutary effect and Piras Zacchaeus' investigations. Jesus as 'professor of natural history': "Where is above and where is below?" "See, I have come down from above!" Where there is light - is above, but where there is night - is below!

288,1. When Jesus heard Piras Zacchaeus' lamentations, He smiled and spoke:

288,2. "Now let your foolishness bear fruit, and let those who were blind in heart receive their sight!

288,3. And so listen, you fool, who are carrying Dumas like a mote in your eye!

288,4. See, I am here from above so that I may judge men according to the world in them;

288,5. but then I call them to higher things, according to the command given by Him, who is in Me and over Me and you,

288,6. who sent Me from Himself in Me, so that you may be saved!"

288,7. After this speech of the Child Jesus, all those in the entire surrounding area who suffered from any sort of ailment were healed.

288,8. Thus all those who had occasionally come under the judgment of little Jesus were healed; all except the shrivelled boy.

288,9. This boy had to spend the three pre-determined years under the judgment of the Child on account of his father. –

288,10. Piras Zacchaeus got up and went outside with Joseph and said to him there:

288,11. "Brother, we are now outside and no one can hear us!

288,12. So I ask you, dearest brother, to reveal to me the story behind your Child;

288,13. for He is, as I mentioned earlier, definitely not a natural child!"

288,14. But Joseph said to Piras Zacchaeus: "Friend, look, if I wanted to speak to you about the nature of my little Son, I would not be finished even after several days.

288,15. Moreover, the Child does not allow me to tell tales out of school whenever I feel like it.

288,16. See, just now the little Boy is coming directly towards us!

288,17. Gather up courage and love for Him, and He will reveal everything to you that is salutary for you!"

288,18. And the teacher soon gathered up courage and love for the Child. And when the Child was near Him, he asked Him:

288,19. "My loveliest, most wonderful Boy! Do you not want to reveal the power within You which allows You to do all the things I have now seen and also heard from You?"

288,20. And the little Boy smiled and spoke: "Do you know, learned man, where is above and where is below?

288,21. For look, the earth is round like a ball, and there are human beings and creatures living all around it!

288,22. Who lives below, and who lives above? And the earth daily rotates around its axis, and you are carried around approximately four thousand miles daily, – say, when are you above, and when below?"

288,23. Here the teacher was taken aback on hearing such unheard-of things and did not know how he should respond to them.

288,24. However, the little Boy laughed at the foolish expression on Piras Zacchaeus' face and said to him:

288,25. "O you scholar! What then do you want to teach, if you do not know that it is only the light that is the deciding factor!?

288,26. Where there is light – is above; but where there is night – is below!

288,27. It is still night for you, therefore you are below. I, however, have always been in the highest light; hence you will be as incapable of grasping My light nature in your night as the people on the opposite side of the earth, who now have night!" – Hereupon the Child walked away.

288,28. Piras Zacchaeus then said to Joseph: "Well, we have it now! Now I know as much as I did earlier. A strange speech by the Boy! – Leave me alone now, I want to think it over!" and Joseph left the teacher alone in the garden.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-288 Chapter