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Chapter 289. – The teacher's thoughts on the Boy. Jesus warns the teacher. Jesus, a light to the heathen and a judgment to the Jews! The teacher flees.

289,1. Piras Zacchaeus pondered over the Boy's words for a full hour, but could not find a clue in them.

289,2. "What can this Boy be?" he often asked himself.

289,3. "Is He perhaps Elijah, who was supposed to return?!

289,4. Or is He Samuel or any other great prophet reincarnated?

289,5. He was born in Bethlehem, and no prophet ever came from there!

289,6. However, the Messiah was supposed to come from there!

289,7. Could this boy be the Messiah Himself?!

289,8. The Messiah is supposed to come from the house of David! – Joseph is a true descendant of David,

289,9. though admittedly without credible and irrefutable proof.

289,10. The matter would seem to have much in its favour;

289,11. but who can accept and believe this as a well established fact without historical proof?!

289,12. And still one is almost forced to accept this because of the Boy.

289,13. However, the Roman Charter is completely contradictory to this;

289,14. for the Messiah will have to be the most bitter enemy of the Romans!

289,15. But how can he be that, considering his friendship with the Romans, who have made him one of their citizens?! –

289,16. In time, this could enable Him to become a great general of Rome, a Messiah of the heathen;

289,17. but for us He would be a double-edged sword, which could ruin us!

289,18. If I notify the high priests of this, – Truly, it could be most profitable for me!?"

289,19. Here the Child, together with James, came again into the garden, went over to the teacher and said to him:

289,20. "Piras Zacchaeus! – Get rid of your desire to reveal Me prematurely to the high priests;

289,21. for then your third step would bring about your death!

289,22. You have tested My power; therefore let this serve as a good warning to you!

289,23. What you have been saying to yourself about a Messiah for the heathen, has its reason!

289,24. For thus it shall be: a light to the heathen and a judgment to the Jews and all the children of Israel!"

289,25. This annoyed the teacher and he said: "If that is the case, then leave us and go to the heathen!"

289,26. But the Child spoke: "I am a Lord and I do what I want; you are not a lord, so you have no say in this!

289,27. Therefore remain silent and leave this place, otherwise you will compel Me to strike you!"

289,28. When Piras Zacchaeus heard the Child's words, he quickly got up and fled to the city.

289,29. And thereby Joseph was rid of an annoying guest, and he again returned to his work. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-289 Chapter