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Chapter 291. – The neighbours seek advice from Joseph as Cornelius' friend. Jesus warns Joseph against imprudence. Insight into the divine world government: as the people - so the government! "I am the Lord also over Rome!"

291,1. On another occasion, again on a pre-Sabbath day, several neighbours came to Joseph together with their children to discuss some pressing matters with him;

291,2. for these neighbours knew that Joseph had very good relations with the governor.

291,3. At this time, Joseph received a letter from Cyrenius in Tyre, in which he inquired, immediately upon his arrival in Tyre from Rome, about Joseph's and more particularly, about little Jesus' health.

291,4. However, the neighbours did not know about this letter,

291,5. just as they did not know that Joseph was such a great friend of the governor Cyrenius.

291,6. So Joseph wanted to show them this letter and give them assured consolation,

291,7. by indicating to them how effectively he could use his own influence with the governor against the ethnarch, –

291,8. and this with guaranteed success, because Eudokia as well as the five maids belonged wholly to Cyrenius.

291,9. But the Child leapt up towards Joseph and said most vehemently:

291,10. "Joseph, Joseph! Never do that, for I am the Lord!

291,11. If you show the letter, I will strike the earth; for it is I – and not Cyrenius, and not Augustus Caesar – who is the Lord also over Rome! –

291,12. I say to you, if the people were better than the ethnarch, I then would know how to deal with Archelaus!

291,13. However, as the people are not one jot better, they will just have to carry their own burden in the ethnarch, who is a miser, like the entire people!

291,14. Is it not said: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and so on? – So it is also said: miserliness for miserliness and envy for envy!

291,15. Thus Archelaus is a true doctor to these hard-hearted people; and he shall remain as he is, until his end!"

291,16. This speech annoyed the neighbours and they spoke:

291,17. "What a rare fellow of a Messiah that would be for us!

291,18. He chides us and instead praises the heathen Archelaus!"

291,19. The Child stamped his heel onto the ground and spoke:

291,20. "Earth! Tremble, so that your blind children can learn that I am your Lord!"

291,21. And fire suddenly shot out of the stamped spot and the ground trembled violently.

291,22. All those present were frightened and spoke: "What is this Child really?! For the earth trembles before Him!

291,23. Let us flee from here; for it is not good to be near this Child!" – And soon all left Joseph and hurried away. – And thus Joseph was again saved from grave danger.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-291 Chapter