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Chapter 292. – The six-year-old Jesus revives Salome's servant who was killed in an accident. Jesus' instruction for the servant. Jesus shuns the praise of the people.

292,1. When Jesus was a little over six years old, Salome had a decayed tree felled and then cut and split into small pieces by her servants, so that they could be used as firewood.

292,2. On that occasion, a young servant, who thought highly of his own capabilities, spoke to his three fellow-servants:

292,3. "Leave the work of splitting the wood to me alone, and I will be finished with the whole tree in the same time all three of you would need for this work!"

292,4. And the fellow-servants gladly accorded him the honour.

292,5. Then he took his sharp axe and diligently began to split the wood.

292,6. But in his zeal he once made a mishit, and instead of hitting the wood, he brought the axe down onto his right foot and split it from the toes to the heel.

292,7. He collapsed onto the ground and cried for help; and everyone crowded around him, but no one had anything that could be used as a bandage for his foot.

292,8. And so the young man soon bled to death.

292,9. Then Joseph's house also became aware of this by the lamentations and shouts that emanated from the nearby house of Salome.

292,10. And Jesus quickly ran there and forced His way through the crowd standing around the dead servant.

292,11. When he reached the dead boy, he quickly seized the split foot, pressed it together firmly and healed him in an instant.

292,12. When the foot had healed in this way, Jesus seized the boy's hand and said:

292,13. "Listen, you vain young man! – I say to you, stand up and continue chopping the wood!

292,14. But in future, get rid of your vanity and do not pretend to have more strength than you possess,

292,15. and you will easily spare yourself similar accidents in future!

292,16. For your fellow-servants also have their capacity for work from God, and you should not bring them to shame, anytime or anywhere!

292,17. But if any of your fellow-servants is intentionally lazy and indolent, the Lord will surely find him, –

292,18. but your should never set yourself up as a judge on his behalf, with your excessive and vain diligence!"

292,19. Here the young servant got up with full vigour and continued to chop the wood.

292,20. All those present kneeled down before the Boy Jesus and spoke:

292,21. "All praise and honour to the power of God in You; for even at your early age, the Lord has filled You with all the divine power!"

292,22. But Jesus ran home quickly, for He did not want the men's praise. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-292 Chapter