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Chapter 293. – Mary's holy jug is broken by Jesus. The girl's anxiety about that. Jesus brings the water for his mother in His small red cloak. This relic of Mary was a thorn in Jesus' side.

293,1. Mary still had the jug, in which she had fetched water when the angel delivered the most holy message to her.

293,2. She thought highly of this jug, – indeed, it was nothing less than a sacred relic for her.

293,3. She did not even like anyone taking it and drinking from it.

293,4. And one day, about eight days after the miracle in Salome's house, Mary was alone at home with Jesus.

293,5. She was busy washing clothes and needed clean water for this.

293,6. So she went to Jesus and said to him: "Please fetch me a jug of clean water;

293,7. and for that you may even use the jug that has been sanctified through You!"

293,8. Jesus took the jug and went with it to the well, where Joseph and the other children were engaged in some duties.

293,9. Then Jesus banged the jug a little hard on a stone, and it broke into many fragments on the ground.

293,10. A girl saw this and said: "O dear, oh, oh, oh! Imagine how this will look; now the house mistress' holy jug is broken! – But dear Jesus, why were You not more careful?

293,11. Oh no, – the mother will certainly complain; oh no, oh no, you can look forward to that!"

293,12. Jesus seemed a little annoyed at this and He said to the girl:

293,13. "What I do is none of your business! – Just see to it that you finish your weaving!

293,14. I will bring Mary the right amount of clean water in spite of the broken jug!"

293,15. And the girl spoke: "I would like to see how one can bring water into the house without a jug!"

293,16. Here Jesus quickly took his small, red cloak, held the ends together and poured water into it and then carried it home to Mary without spilling even a single drop!

293,17. All followed Him home because of this miracle.

293,18. When Mary saw this, she was horrified and said: "But Child, what happened to the jug?"

293,19. And Jesus spoke: "See, it was a thorn in My side since a long time! Therefore I tested its miraculous powers on a stone, –

293,20. and see, there was nothing miraculous about it; it immediately broke into fragments!

293,21. Now, I think that wherever I am, I should count for more than such a silly jug, which is not the least bit better than any other jug!"

293,22. At these words, Mary did not say anything further and engraved them deep in her heart.

293,23. And the girl did not say any more either; for she was fond of Jesus.

293,24. And Jesus spoke to her: "See, you please Me more when you are like this, than when you move your tongue needlessly!" – And the girl was content with the mild scolding and thereupon continued to spin her thread diligently.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-293 Chapter