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Chapter 294. – A two-year period without miracles. Rising prices in Palestine. Joseph sows seeds even during the seventh month. The eight-year-old Jesus Himself puts the seeds in the soil. The wonderful blessing. Joseph's gratitude. Love is better than praise! The healing of the shrivelled boy.

294,1. After this miracle, Jesus' lived calmly for two years and He obeyed Joseph and Mary in all things.

294,2. But when he was eight years old, a bad harvest year occurred; for there was a severe drought, and all the crops had withered.

294,3. It was already the seventh month, and nothing green could be seen; numerous livestock had to be slaughtered, or one had to pay good money to procure fodder and grain from Egypt and Asia Minor.

294,4. Joseph himself mostly lived on the fish that Jonathan sent him weekly, and fed his animals with reed grass, also sent by Jonathan.

294,5. Clouds appeared for the first time only during the seventh month, and it began to rain scantily from time to time.

294,6. Then Joseph said to his older sons: "Harness the oxen to the plough, and, in the name of the Lord, we will sow wheat in the field.

294,7. Who knows, perhaps the Lord will still bless the crop, for we may consider Him, who He sent into the world, as our Son and Brother!

294,8. To be sure, He has not shown any signs of Himself through our Son and Brother for two years now, so that we have literally forgotten His magnificence!

294,9. But who knows if this bad year is not a consequence of our forgetfulness toward Him, who came to us so divinely from above?"

294,10. Here the eight-year-old Jesus went up to Joseph and spoke: "Good, father Joseph! – You have never forgotten the One who is in Me; therefore I will go with you to sow the wheat in the furrows!"

294,11. Joseph was exceedingly happy to hear this; and Mary and all the others in the house said:

294,12. "Yes, yes, wherever dear Jesus sows, a rich harvest will surely come!"

294,13. And Jesus spoke smilingly: "I agree with you – truly, no seed sowed by Me will ever fall on the ground in vain!"

294,14. Hereupon the ploughing and sowing began. Joseph sowed on the left of the plough, and Jesus on the right.

294,15. And so the field was optimally cultivated in half a day.

294,16. Shortly thereafter there was abundant rain, and the wheat firmly settled and sprouted, and within three months, the summer crop matured nicely.

294,17. But the ears of wheat that were sowed by the Boy Jesus on the right side, had five hundred grains throughout, while the wheat sowed by Joseph had only thirty to forty grains.

294,18. All wondered greatly about this, and only after the grain was threshed on the threshing floor was the full extent of God's blessing apparent;

294,19. for from each measure (seventy units) of wheat that was sown, exactly a thousand measures were harvested – a harvest which no one had ever experienced!

294,20. As Joseph now had so much surplus, he kept seventy measures of wheat for himself and distributed nine-hundred-and-thirty measures among his neighbours.

294,21. And thus an entire neighbourhood was helped by this miraculous harvest.

294,22. And many neighbours came and praised the power of God in the Boy Jesus.

294,23. But the latter admonished them to love God and their neighbour and spoke to everyone: "Love is better than praise, and true godliness is worth more than burnt offerings!" – In the meantime, the shrivelled boy also regained his health. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-294 Chapter