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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-295 Chapter

Chapter 295. – Joseph and Mary still want to entrust the almost ten-year-old Jesus to a teacher. Problems during lessons. The teacher beats the Child and thereupon becomes dumb and foolish. The Boy Jesus returns home.

295,1. From then onwards, the Boy Jesus did not work any miracles, but behaved like any other human child!

295,2. He was happy to be with Joseph, whenever the latter was making equipment, such as: ploughs, yokes, chairs, tables, beds and the like, and Joseph always succeeded in getting things right.

295,3. But as the little Boy was already in His tenth year and didn't seem to differ in any way from the other children, –

295,4. Joseph spoke to Mary: "See, the people around disparage us for allowing Jesus to grow up without any schooling, because He has such marvellous abilities and aptitudes!

295,5. I know well, that Jesus does not need the lessons of an earthly school;

295,6. but in order to silence the neighbours I would nonetheless like to entrust Him to a teacher.

295,7. And as two new schools have been established in the city, with both of them having teachers who are supposed to be very competent, I would like to give one or the other a try!"

295,8. Mary agreed to this; for even she saw the apparent necessity of such schooling.

295,9. And Joseph took Jesus and brought him to the first teacher.

295,10. This teacher immediately accepted the little Boy and spoke to Joseph: "To begin with, he should learn Greek because of the many Greeks among us, and only then Hebrew!

295,11. I am well aware of the strange characteristics of this child and am a little afraid of him.

295,12. However, I will do what is right; but you must entrust the child to me completely!"

295,13. Joseph agreed to this and wholly entrusted him to the teacher's house.

295,14. For three days, Jesus enjoyed the usual freedom here; the teacher took Him to school only on the fourth day.

295,15. On arrival there, the teacher led Him to the board and wrote the entire alphabet in front of Him and began to explain what he had written.

295,16. After he had explained this a few times, he asked Jesus what He had learnt from this.

295,17. But Jesus pretended to know nothing of what had been explained, and gave the teacher no reply.

295,18. And the teacher tormented the Child and himself for three days but never got a response.

295,19. But on the fourth day, he became indignant and ordered the Child Jesus, under threat of a severe punishment, to answer him.

295,20. So the Child spoke to him: "If you are really a teacher, and if you really know the alphabet, then show Me the true and basic meaning of the Alpha, and I will reveal the same to you about the Beta!"

295,21. At this, the teacher became angry and hit Jesus on the head with the pointer.

295,22. This hurt the Boy, and He spoke to the teacher: "Is this the right way to do away with your ignorance?

295,23. Truly, I am not with you for the purpose of getting beaten, and this is not the way to teach and educate human beings!

295,24. Now you shall become dumb and foolish, because you hit Me instead of giving Me a proper explanation!"

295,25. And the teacher sank down, and due to his raving, was bound and brought into another room.

295,26. And Jesus immediately returned home to Joseph where He said:

295,27. "In future, I request a teacher who does not come to school carrying a cane; however, this one is now atoning for his outrage against Me!"

295,28. Then Joseph knew what surely had happened again, and spoke to Mary: "We should never again part with Jesus; for He punishes everyone who does not act according to His own mindset!"

295,29. And Mary agreed to this; and no one dared to reproach Jesus. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-295 Chapter