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Chapter 296. – The second teacher at Joseph's house. The teachers' gentle obligingness. Jesus gives the teacher a test: He reads and explains about Daniel. The teacher's good testimonial of Jesus. As a reward for the teacher's sincerity, Jesus heals the first teacher.

296,1. After several weeks, the second new teacher came to Joseph to pay him a friendly visit;

296,2. for Joseph had made him several new benches and chairs, as well as a table for his schoolroom, and on this occasion, had made friends with this most honest teacher.

296,3. This teacher now made his acquaintance with the Boy Jesus and was delighted by His serious, but nevertheless humble and cheerful nature.

296,4. He therefore asked Joseph whether the Boy had already learnt to read in any school.

296,5. Joseph spoke: "Brother! I have already tried to do this with a couple of teachers, but neither of them could get anywhere with Him;

296,6. for a strange power resides in this Boy!

296,7. Any teacher appearing to Him as a little coarse is already lost,

296,8. for the Boy only has to say a word, and the teacher is punished in a dreadful way!

296,9. This was recently the case with the first teacher, who is an idiot even to this hour."

296,10. And the teacher spoke: "Yes, yes, I know this well; but that teacher was also a tyrant to all his students!

296,11. If I would be the Boy's teacher, truly – I would not be afraid of being punished by him!"

296,12. Then the Boy Jesus, who was present, spoke: "And what exactly would you like to teach Me?"

296,13. And the teacher lovingly pulled Him towards himself, cuddled Him and then spoke to Him:

296,14. "I would like to teach reading and writing and then explain the letters to You in a more friendly way!"

296,15. And the Boy spoke: "Good, – if you have something of the scriptures with you, give it to Me, and I will test you!"

296,16. Here the teacher promptly pulled out a scroll – it was about Daniel – and gave it to the Boy.

296,17. The Boy immediately began to read the scroll and explain it in a way that exceedingly astonished all those present, including the teacher, who was completely baffled.

296,18. When the teacher heard the Boy, he spoke:

296,19. "O Lord! Be merciful to me, a poor sinner; for this Boy is no earthly being!

296,20. O brother Joseph, I now clearly comprehend why no teacher can stand up to this Boy!

296,21. In any case, the Boy knows more than all the teachers in the whole world put together! – O keep Him at home for sure!"

296,22. The Boy was pleased with this testimonial, and He spoke: "Because of your honesty, may the other teacher recover for your sake; so be it! –

296,23. But you must remain as faithful in your heart, as you are now, and you will always be a true teacher, Amen." –

296,24. Hereupon the Boy Jesus departed; the teacher took his leave of Joseph and went home, immersed in deep thought. – And at this hour, the first teacher started to get better. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-296 Chapter