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Chapter 297. – The eleven-year-old Jesus and James go out to collect wood. James is bitten by a viper and shows signs of death. James is brought back to life by Jesus. A gospel of labour. Be diligent in spiritual goods! Resuscitation of the dead boy Kephas and the dead journeyman carpenter Mallas. The doctrine: "Envy always ends in death!"

297,1. From then onwards, the Child Jesus stayed quietly and obediently at home and helped out with small jobs.

297,2. He worked no further miracles during one whole year until He turned eleven.

297,3. In His eleventh year, He again performed three remarkable miracles, and these are narrated below.

297,4. In the spring, Joseph's stockpile of firewood was only enough to last a few days.

297,5. As James and Jesus had the most time at their disposal, he sent the two to a nearby forest to collect brushwood.

297,6. Both of them went and diligently did as Joseph had asked.

297,7. James romped around very actively, so little remained for Jesus to collect; for James anticipated Jesus in every location.

297,8. But when James, in his eagerness, reached for some thick brushwood, he encountered a poisonous viper underneath.

297,9. The viper bit James in the hand, and James fell down in pain and horror. His hand suddenly swelled up, and James arched backwards and showed signs of death.

297,10. Then Jesus sprang to him and blew on the wound, and James instantly recovered.

297,11. The viper, instead, started to bloat horribly and burst into a thousand pieces!

297,12. Afterwards Jesus said to James: "More haste, less speed! – All worldly labour ends in death if done too hastily!

297,13. So, on every occasion, it is better to be lazy for the world, but all the more diligent for the spirit!

297,14. Thus those who are too industrious in the world will always find the death of their souls in their eagerness for earthly things!

297,15. For I will search for the idlers of the world and will take them into My service forever; and I will give those who have worked only one hour of the day the same wages as those who diligently worked the whole day through!

297,16. Blessed are those who are lazy for the world; but woe betide any man who is zealous for the affairs of the world! The former will be My friend – and the latter My foe!" – –

297,17. James made a mental note of these words and lived according to them thereafter, and did not mind even when he was often given the title "the lazy and indolent one";

297,18. but from then on, his heart was all the more diligently engaged with Jesus and gained infinitely thereby. –

297,19. Two days after this incident, a neighbour's only son died; and this neighbour, who was a widow, wept bitterly for her loss.

297,20. Then Jesus, with His James, also went there to see the dead boy.

297,21. When He saw the violently weeping widow, He seized the dead boy by the hand and spoke: "Kephas! – I say to you, stand up, and never again grieve your mother's heart!"

297,22. At this the boy suddenly got up and smilingly greeted all those present.

297,23. The widow was beside herself, and she said: "O who then is this Son of Joseph, that He can wake up the dead with a single word?! – Is he a God, or an angel?!"

297,24. But Jesus spoke to the widow: "Do not question further, but give some milk to Kephas, so that he recovers fully!"

297,25. And the widow immediately went and brought warm milk for the boy, – and he thereupon recovered completely.

297,26. Then all wanted to pray to Jesus; but He left quickly, met other children and played with them in a very wise manner. –

297,27. When he was playing, a man in another house that was being repaired by a few carpenters from the city, fell down, broke his neck and was dead on the spot.

297,28. Immediately, a crowd of people gathered and mourned the unfortunate man, and there was a great commotion.

297,29. When Jesus heard this clamour, He, together with James, forced His way through the crowd until He reached the dead man, and said to him:

297,30. "Mallas! – I say to you, get up again and go to work! But secure your batten better, otherwise you will fall again!

297,31. For the important thing is not how much you have worked, but how you have worked! – For envy always ends in death!"

297,32. Then Jesus departed quickly, and the dead man stood up in good health and continued to work vigorously, as if nothing had happened to him. But he kept Jesus' words in his heart. – –

297,33. Due to these three miracles, which took place in quick succession, all wanted to worship Jesus.

297,34. But Jesus forbade them to do so and did not appear in the village for several weeks.

297,35. And those in Joseph's house certainly took note of these three wonders, and talked about them a great deal. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-297 Chapter