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Chapter 298. – Brief description of the temple scene of the twelve-year-old Jesus by His brother James. Jesus withdraws Himself completely until the wedding in Cana.

298,1. From then onwards, Jesus withdrew Himself and did not openly perform further miracles until the time of the wedding in Cana in Galilee.

298,2. As is mentioned in the Gospel, it was only in His twelfth year that the Boy Jesus, who went to the temple in Jerusalem for the holidays, performed a miracle through His wisdom among the scholars there.

298,3. This miracle was later narrated to me, James, by the Lord Himself, as I was not present there, and is briefly described below:

298,4. Joseph and Mary lost Jesus in the temple crowd and thought, as He was not with them, that He must surely be on his way home with Salome or another relative or acquaintance.

298,5. And so both of them went after the Nazarene caravan and only caught up with it in the evening, at the Inn between Nazareth and Jerusalem.

298,6. When they could not find Jesus there, they were greatly distressed, and they took some companions and returned to Jerusalem in the night.

298,7. Upon arrival, Joseph promptly went to the governor Cornelius, who still governed in Jerusalem at that time.

298,8. Joseph immediately revealed what had happened to him to the exceedingly friendly and helpful Cornelius,

298,9. and the latter promptly gave Joseph a Roman sentry to enable Joseph to search all the houses.

298,10. So Joseph searched almost the whole of Jerusalem for three days but could not find Jesus anywhere.

298,11. Then both of them became extremely afraid; they returned the sentry to Cornelius in great sadness and could not be consoled by him.

298,12. As it was already evening, Cornelius wanted to keep them with him.

298,13. But Joseph said: "O noble friend, I do want to stay with you tonight, but first I must go up to the temple and make an offering from and in my sorrowful heart to the Lord God!"

298,14. Then Cornelius let Joseph and Mary go up to the temple.

298,15. And see, they found Jesus there, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard Him was amazed at His understanding and His answers;

298,16. for He explained to them the most secret passages from the Prophets, and taught them about the stars, their orbits, their principal light, as well as their second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh light.

298,17. He also described to them the nature of the worlds and showed them the physical, mental and spiritual correlation of matter –

298,18. and proved the immortality of the soul in such an unheard-of manner, that they all said:

298,19. "Truly, such things have never been heard of! There is more wisdom in one finger of this twelve-year-old Boy than in all of us together!"

298,20. Joseph and Mary went up to Jesus and said to Him:

298,21. "But why did You do this to us?! – See, we have searched for you in great pain for three days and could not find You!"

298,22. But Jesus said: "Why did you do this? (Namely, the search outside, with the help of the soldiers.)

298,23. Did you then not know about My Father's house, and that I had to do there what is My Father's?!"

298,24. Although neither of them understood His words, Jesus promptly and willingly followed them home, after staying with them overnight at Cornelius' house.

298,25. The teachers praised Mary as being most fortunate for having such a Child.

298,26. From then onwards, Jesus withdrew Himself and did not perform any more miracles until His thirtieth year, and lived and worked just like any other man. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-298 Chapter