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Chapter 30. – The star of the three wise men and the old prophecy of the Persian astronomers. The adoration of the Lord, the Creator of infinity and eternity, in the Child by the three wise men. Their names: Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. The accompanying spirits: Adam, Cain and Abraham. They pay homage to the Lord and offer him gifts.

30,1. As the good Joseph heard all this, his troubled heart was relieved; and as he heard that the captain would come to him, he made himself ready to receive him.

30,2. And the captain entered, greeted Joseph and spoke to him: "My most highly respected man!

30,3. See, the people from the East, now waiting outside, have arrived here through miraculous providence. – I have strictly examined them and have found no malice in them!

30,4. They wish to pay homage to the Child according to the promise of their God, and so I am of the opinion that you can allow them to enter without the least fear, whenever it is convenient for you."

30,5. And Joseph spoke: "If it this so, then I will praise and glorify my God; for He has once again taken a heavy stone from my heart!

30,6. However, Mary was somewhat afraid earlier, when the Persians began to camp around the cave; so I must first check how she feels about this, so that an unprepared entry of these guests does not frighten her even more than she already is."

30,7. The captain approved of Joseph's circumspection and Joseph went to Mary and informed her of everything he had heard from the captain.

30,8. And Mary spoke in very happy spirits: "Peace be unto all men on earth, who are faithful and good in heart, and who allow their will to be guided by God!

30,9. They should come when it is indicated to them by the Lord's spirit, and shall reap the blessings of their devotion! – For I do not have the slightest fear of them!

30,10. However, when they enter, you must stay close to me; for it is not proper that I receive them all alone!"

30,11. Joseph said: "Mary, when you have the strength, then get up with the Child, take the crib and lay Him in it, and then the guests can enter and honour the Child!"

30,12. And Mary immediately carried out Joseph's wishes, and Joseph then spoke to the captain:

30,13. "Well, we are ready; so if the three men wish to enter, you can tell them that we have made all preparations to receive them in our indigence!"

30,14. And the captain went out and announced this to the three men. – The three men immediately fell down upon the ground, praised God for this permission, then took the golden sacks and proceeded reverently to the cave.

30,15. The captain opened the door, and the three men entered into the cave with great reverence; for at the moment of their entry, a powerful light emanated from the Child.

30,16. As the three wise men were a few steps away from the crib in which the Infant lay, they immediately fell down upon their faces and worshipped Him.

30,17. They remained in this bent position for one hour before the Child, gripped by the deepest reverence; then they slowly arose and knelt, while lifting their tear-filled faces to see the Lord, the Creator of infinity and eternity.

30,18. The names of the three men were: Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. [030,19] And the first, accompanied by the spirit of Adam, spoke: "Give God the honour, the praise, the glory! Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna God, the Trinity, in all eternity!"

30,20. Here he took the gold-adorned bag, which had thirty-three pounds of the finest frankincense, and handed it over with great deference to Mary with the words:

30,21. "Take without shyness, o mother, this humble testimonial of That, which will always fill my entire being! – Take this poor external tribute, for every thinking creature is eternally indebted to his almighty Creator from the bottom of his heart!"

30,22. Mary took the heavy bag and gave it to Joseph, and the donor got up, went and stood at the door, knelt again and worshipped the Lord in the Child.

30,23. And immediately the second man, a Moor, who was accompanied by the spirit of Cain, raised a somewhat smaller bag, albeit of the same weight, that was filled with the purest gold, and handed it to Mary with the words:

30,24. "I offer that what is worthy of the King of the spirits and the men on earth, the smallest sacrifice for you, o Lord of everlasting glory! – Take it, o mother, who has given birth to Him, who all the angels' tongues will never be able to express!"

30,25. Here Mary accepted the second bag and handed it over to Joseph. – And the wise man who made the offering went to the first wise man and did as he did.

30,26. Then the third man got up, took his bag, which was filled with the finest gold myrrh, one of the most valuable spices of that time, and handed it over to Mary with the words: [030,27] "The spirit of Abraham is accompanying me and is now seeing the day of the Lord, to which he had looked forward with such great joy!

30,28. I, Balthazar, make a small offering that is worthy of the Child of all the children! – Take it, o mother of all mercy! – However, I hold a better offering in my heart; it is my love, – this shall eternally be my truest offering to this Child!"

30,29. Here Mary took the heavy bag, also weighing thirty-three pounds, and handed it over to Joseph. – The wise man then got up and went to the first two, worshipped the Infant and after completing his prayer, went out with the other two men to where their tents were pitched.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-30 Chapter