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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-31 Chapter

Chapter 31. – Mary indicates God's guidance of mercy. Joseph's honesty and loyalty. The three blessed gifts of God: His holy will, His mercy and His love. Mary's, the captain's and the Infant's finest testimonial for Joseph.

31,1. As the three wise men had left and had returned to their tents for rest, Mary said to Joseph:

31,2. "Look, look now, you fearful, anxious man, how marvellous and good the Lord, our God, is, how fatherly He cares for us!

31,3. Who could have imagined such a thing even in a dream! Out of our dread He has brought about such a blessing and has transformed all our great fear and worry into such great joy!

31,4. Precisely from those whom we feared were after the life of the Child, did we find out that they offered Him only glory, in the way we are only and always indebted to God, the Lord!

31,5. In addition, they have given us such bounteous presents, that we can buy a most respectable place in the country from its sale, where we can provide the godly Child with the best possible upbringing according to the Lord's will!

31,6. O Joseph! – Today I will first thank, praise and glorify the most loving Lord all night long; for He has forestalled our poverty to the extent that we can now manage very well! – What do you say to that, dear father Joseph?"

31,7. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, Mary, our God is infinitely good to those, who love Him above all else and direct all their hopes to Him alone; – however, I believe that these gifts are meant for the Child, and not us, and so we do not have the right to make use of them as we like.

31,8. The Child is called Jesus and is the Son of God Most High; so we must first ask the all-possessing father what should be done with these treasures!

31,9. And we will do whatever He orders us to do with them; I will not touch them all my life without His will and I would rather earn your and my blessed livelihood in the most arduous manner!

31,10. I have until now supported you and my sons with the manual work that is blessed by the Lord; so I hope to continue doing that with the help of the Lord!

31,11. That is why I am not looking at these gifts, but only at the will of the Lord and His mercy and love.

31,12. These are the three greatest, at all times mightily blessed gifts of God to us; His holy will is the most exquisite frankincense, His mercy is the purest and heaviest gold, and His love is the most fragrant myrrh!

31,13. We may use these three treasures extravagantly without fear at all times; however, we should not touch this frankincense, gold and myrrh in the golden sacks without the first three principal treasures, that have paid us the most abundant dividends until now.

31,14. So, dear Mary, this is what we should do, and I know, that the Lord will look upon us with great pleasure; his pleasure is our greatest treasure!

31,15. What do you think, fairest Mary, am I right or not? Is this not the right decision with regard to these treasures?"

31,16. Here Mary was touched to tears and praised Joseph's wisdom. And the captain fell on Joseph's neck and spoke: "Yes, you are a true man according to the will of your God!" – The Infant smiled at Joseph, raised a tiny hand as if He blessed the foster father, the most devout Joseph.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-31 Chapter