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Chapter 42. – The effect of the blessing of mercy on Cyrenius. Joseph's humble confession and his advice to Cyrenius. The arrival in Ostracine (Egypt).

42,1. Cyrenius was also overcome by a great feeling of bliss and he spoke: "Hear, my most respectable man! – I now have the same feeling as I had when I held the Infant in my arms.

42,2. Are you then of the same nature with him? – Or how is it, that I feel the same bliss?"

42,3. Joseph said: "Noble friend! – Such power does not emanate from me, but only from the Lord of heaven and earth!

42,4. It runs through me only at such occasion in order to flow over to you as a blessing; but I myself do not have such power all the time, for it is God alone who is all in all!

42,5. Therefore always honour this one and only true God and the fullness of His Blessings shall never leave you!"

42,6. And Joseph continued: "And now, friend, look, we have reached the shore with the help of the almighty Lord, but it seems to me that we are still far away from Ostracine!

42,7. Which way is it then, so that we may go there? – For the day is drawing to a close! What shall we do? Shall we proceed further or stay here until tomorrow?"

42,8. And Cyrenius spoke: "Look, we are at the entrance to the great bay, in whose innermost angle on our right lies Ostracine as a rich city of commerce!

42,9. In less then three hours we should reach there; but when we arrive at night, we will have difficulties to find accommodation! I would suggest we spend the night here on the ship and go there tomorrow."

42,10. But Joseph spoke:"If it is only three hours away, then we should not spend the night here! Your ship may stay here, so that you do not cause any stir in this city, – but I will secretly go to the place of my destination!

42,11. For if the Roman garrison would discover the ship of a governor of Rome, they would have to receive you with all honours,

42,12. and I would have to share with you all your honours, whether I wanted to or not, which would be very unpleasant for me.

42,13. That is why I would prefer to continue our journey forthwith! – My pack animals have rested sufficiently and could bring us to Ostracine in a short time!

42,14. My sons are strong and nimble afoot; they can walk while you and your servants may take five of the animals. Like this we would reach the nearby city with ease!"

42,15. Cyrenius accepted Joseph's advice, handed the ship over to the care of his faithful boatmen, took four servants with him, mounted the pack animals and promptly moved to the town together with Joseph.

42,16. After two hours they reached the town. But as they entered the town, they were asked by the gatekeeper for their letters of safe-conduct.

42,17. But Cyrenius revealed himself to the commanding officer, who made his soldiers salute him and made immediate arrangements for his lodging.

42,18. And so our travel party was well received in the city without the least delay and were given the finest accommodation.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-42 Chapter